Legend of Grimrock

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Dave NeumannMay 08, 2015
The iPad version isn’t going to sour anyone’s opinion of the original game. It’s a nearly perfect port of a classic PC game, something we haven’t really seen since Firaxis brought us XCOM.
Noel CatherineApr 01, 2016
The quality of the images and sounds in this game are extremely high. They don't pixellate, they go along with what is happening, and they seem realistic. The controls also work really well, and you are able to turn on a moment's notice to look around you. Finally, the game has frequent updates to fix any minor problems that do pop up, and to update things. When you get image quality like this, the game itself tends to be quite large and eats away at your battery.
Andrew FretzMay 14, 2015
Legend of Grimrock was a breakout hit on desktop and it should come as no surprise that it is just as good, if not better, on a mobile device. It is the new answer I have to the question "How do I show someone what old school D&D was like, without boring them with outdated game mechanics?"
Harry SlaterMay 07, 2015
A great port of a great game. If you've not played Grimrock before this is a really good way to rectify that.