Layton’s Mystery Journey for iOS

Layton’s Mystery Journey

Jul 20, 2017
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Developer: Level-5
Content Rating: Everyone


Join Katrielle Layton in the heart of London, as she becomes embroiled in a casual, comical, quizzical quest, which has its roots in our new hero’s search for her missing father, Professor Hershel Layton. You’ll be whisked around London’s famous landmarks, from the Houses of Parliament to Tower Bridge, following Kat on her trusty bicycle, solving case after unlikely case, until she unwittingly uncovers the Millionaires’ Conspiracy. Help Kat and company discover clues, unravel mysteries, deduce the truth, and solve original puzzles! Redecorate the agency and redress Kat in various outfits to suit the case at hand (or your mood). With twelve intriguing cases, seven multi-millionaires, and one whopper of a conspiracy will Kat ever be able to find the missing professor?

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CJ AndriessenJul 31, 2017
Slightly above average or simply inoffensive. Fans of the genre should enjoy it a bit, but a fair few will be left unfulfilled.
Rob RichJul 24, 2017
I hate that I hate the puzzles in Layton’s Mystery Journey, because I like almost everything else about it. It looks great, the characters are fun, the scenarios and cases are charmingly whimsical — but the puzzles are either boring and frustrating.
Neal RonaghanAug 02, 2017
I’m glad to see the Layton series back. I really did miss it, but Layton’s Mystery Journey is on the lower end of the spectrum for the series. The puzzles are totally adequate, but the story isn’t compelling, not even in its new case structure. Hopefully, if the Mystery Journey series continues, the stories will get stronger and way more out there as we get more familiar with the new cast.

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