Kingdom Rush for iOS

Kingdom Rush

Dec 19, 2011
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Content Rating: Teen


Fight on forests, mountains and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower upgrades and specializations! Rain fire upon your enemies, summon reinforcements, command your troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters on a quest to save the Kingdom from the forces of darkness!

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Bruno Pintos

Bruno Pintos

Oct 2, 2019

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Justin DavisJan 31, 2012
Kingdom Rush is an instant classic and is guaranteed to turn up on 2012 "best of" lists. Anyone remotely interested in either tower defense or strategy should consider it a most-own. Gamers that think they don't enjoy the genre should give Kingdom Rush a shot anyway – it might just win you over.
Mike ThompsonJan 06, 2012
Kingdom Rush deserves a lot of goodwill, simply because it’s able to make tower defense gameplay feel fresh and fun. In addition to the deep, challenging gameplay, the game’s production values are simply outstanding. This is easily one of the best tower defense games currently in the App Store. Check it out; you won’t be sorry.
Nissa CampbellDec 30, 2011
Overall, however, Kingdom Rush is a fantastic package. It's a game that made me take notice, that made a well-trod genre seem a bit fresher and more interesting than it's been in a while. Its presentation is top notch, too.

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