Kingdom Rush Frontiers

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Dan "Shoe" HsuJun 06, 2013
But I’ll keep going back for more punishment because Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is just that damn good. It’s not only worthy of carrying the title of “sequel to Kingdom Rush,” it’s one of the finest tower-defense games you’ll find anywhere, regardless of platform.
Matt MillerJun 06, 2013
Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is highly approachable, but don’t let its humorous comic veneer fool you. Turn up the difficulty, and Ironhide has tuned a remarkably balanced game that juggles punishment and reward in equal measure. Frontiers remains close to form to its predecessor, but recognizing where to make improvements on an already strong formula is an art form all its own.
Greg SrisavasdiJun 06, 2013
There's giant scorpions, larger than life wasps, mummies, and even sand creatures to kill in your travels, but this title isn't just a monster mash. Armed with arresting visuals and a slightly irreverent tone, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a cut above the usual tower defense game.
Joe JaskoJun 06, 2013
So the characters may be a tad bit too small, and so some of the more impressive heroes are pretty expensive to buy; these complaints are easily dwarfed by the impeccable tower defense gameplay, the vibrant and lively cartoon visuals, and the deep and lengthy campaign that all make Kingdom Rush: Frontiers a serious force to be reckoned with on the App Store today.
Eric FordJun 16, 2013
True, I'm not the biggest fan of the IAP heroes, and a few other nagging issues (such as the inability of the game to save runs if the game runs out of memory while suspended) do exist. However, in the great scheme of things there's little to complain about in this excellent sequel to a great game.
John BedfordJun 06, 2013
There are more upgrades, a greater diversity in environments, and more enemy types than ever before. Fans have likely already grabbed the game at launch - for everyone else, know that this new Kingdom Rush ensures the series remains at the top of this bloated genre.
Harry SlaterJun 06, 2013
Just as polished and poised as you'd expect, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers continues the legacy of its predecessor without really containing anything new.