Kick Ass Commandos for iOS

Kick Ass Commandos

Oct 5, 2017
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Lock and Load! It's time to Kick Ass. Grab your machine-gun, flamethrower, rocket launcher and grenades. Assault the enemy bases and free commandos to join your team while you destroy everything in sight. The enemy has grown bold in spreading their highly-addictive Krystal Yayo across the global, which is turning everyone into mindless, zombie like hordes. If the enemy is not stopped soon and all the Krystal Yayo destroyed, the world as we know it will be no more. You have been chosen to lead the ultimate mission across the global to rescue your comrades, wipe out all of the enemy's production of Krystal Yayo, and kill everyone else you encounter! Good luck commando!

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Wayne SkabelundOct 19, 2017
All in all, Kick Ass Commandos could not have a more fitting adjective in its title. It kicks ass, plain and simple. If you are looking for an action-packed romp through ridiculous environments and set pieces, look no further than this game. It's over the top with its humor, visuals, gameplay, and quality. Definitely give it a chance and don't forget to check out Kick Ass Commando's forum thread for more.
Christine ChanOct 09, 2017
In terms of visual design, Kick Ass Commandos is beautiful with a retro 16-bit pixel art aesthetic. The game is rendered completely in 2D with a top-down perspective, so you can see everything in a single glance. The game is full of bright and vibrant colors that are eye appealing. Character sprites and environments are amazingly detailed and full of realistic textures. Animations are buttery smooth and fluid on my iPhone 8 Plus, so there's no lag or choppiness with all of the on-screen action. There's also a heavy metal soundtrack that's sure to get your blood pumping for some intense shootouts. The sound effects are also rather realistic, which is fitting on top of the cartoonish visuals.
Nathan HunterFeb 10, 2017
Kick Ass Commandos is a strong game that is full of action from the off. I really enjoyed the pace and flow of the game and it’s a game you can just pick up and play with ease. The game could have had more longevity but overall Kick Ass Commandos is far too impressive to let that put you off. If you are a fan of twin stick shooters then Kick Ass Commandos is almost definitely for you!

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