KartRider Rush+

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Harry SlaterMay 15, 2020
This is a brilliant, engaging, bright and entertaining racer that fulfils the grin requirement of the kart genre with aplomb. Pick it up, burn some rubber and you’ll see exactly what we mean.
Campbell BirdJun 04, 2020
KartRider Rush+ is very much the exception to the rule that all free-to-play racers suck. It stands high above any and all other kart racers on mobile (even paid ones), and it does so by preserving the necessity--and honoring the practice--of skillful play.
Glen FoxMay 14, 2020
A feature-complete kart racer with excellent multiplayer out of the box and clever avoidance of off-putting pay-to-win mechanics
Jim HargreavesMay 29, 2020
KartRider Rush+ manages to be both overwhelming and blissfully straightforward at the same time. The mass of menus, currencies, and notifications can take some getting used to though the racing gameplay is a blast, taking genuine skill to master.