Jan 17, 2018
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Developer: 10Tons Ltd.
Content Rating: Teen


Build your JYDGE. Enter Edenbyrg. Get out alive. JYDGE is a lawful but awful roguehate top-down shooter where you get to build your own cybernetic JYDGE and eradicate crime in the never-sleeping megacity of Edenbyrg. Create your own play-style by augmenting your JYDGE, modifying your Gavel rifle, and choosing fearless companions to suit the tasks at hand.

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Campbell BirdJan 22, 2018
JYDGE is a fine dual stick shooter that can challenge you for hours. The only real problem is that its challenges grow repetitive extremely quickly. There is something satisfying about upgrading your character to your liking to take on these repeated objectives, but it’s just not as interesting as other concepts that have been used in 10tons other (and better) dual stick shooters.
Andrew FretzJan 18, 2018
Each mission has a set of 3 objectives, and eventually 3 more will open up under a higher difficulty. After a few hours of gameplay, a third difficulty unlocks and you will find yourself going back to earlier levels and experiencing them in a completely different context. The game has a really solid flow to it.
Christine ChanJan 18, 2018
Visually, JYDGE is stunningly beautiful. Everything in the game is rendered in 3D with a top-down perspective, so you get to see a lot of the level in a single glance. The world that JYDGE takes place in is dark and dim, but filled with bright neon lights that provide excellent contrast. Everything is also super futuristic and reminiscent of "RoboCop" and "Blade Runner 2049," from the flying police car to the fanfare at the end of a successful mission.

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