Immortal Rogue for iOS

Immortal Rogue

Feb 20, 2019
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Developer: Kyle Barrett
Content Rating: Teen


Immortal Rogue is a brutal, swipe-controlled action roguelike. You play as a vampire that wakes up every 100 years to feed. Who you choose to hunt directly impacts the future and changes the game world. Different timelines offer different enemies to defeat and unique items to discover. You can fight samurai with a rocket fist from a long lost civilization, or take out cyborgs with an enchanted katana. The combat is challenging, and defeat has consequences. But you can never truly die. The world goes on with both your allies, and your enemies, awaiting your return.

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James WyndcliffeFeb 20, 2019
On the whole, I have remarkably few complaints. I have enjoyed my time playing Immortal Rogue and, bar the few complaints I do have, recommend it wholeheartedly. I would like to see the narrative system addressed, and the home bar issue fixed; but, after that… well, I can only wait to see what else Kyle Barrett has in store. If what we have is any indication, the future will not disappoint.
Campbell BirdFeb 20, 2019
There’s a fair amount of stuff to fight through in Immortal Rogue before it gets enjoyable, but it’s all worth it. Despite a few rough edges, the action offered here is worth investing time in, as it grants some very interesting and satisfying rewards that transform it from rote brawler into a varied action roguelite with huge replay value.
Harry SlaterFeb 21, 2019
Immortal Rogue is one of those titles that snuck up on us, but we're super glad that it did. Not only is it a brilliant game, it's a brilliant game that wouldn't work as well on a different platform. This is a mobile game through and through, and it's all the better for it. When a game like this comes along, it feels like it's our role to tell as many people as possible that they should play it. So, gather round and listen to my words - you should definitely play Immortal Rogue as soon as you get a chance.

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