Heroes of Steel RPG for iOS

Heroes of Steel RPG

Dec 18, 2013
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Developer: Trese Brothers
Content Rating: Teen


Heroes of Steel is a tactical turn-based RPG in which you lead a group of four unique characters, each with their own talents, special powers, and abilities on their quest through the world of Steel. Engage in tactical combat with the ferocious, devious, and magical enemies who threaten humanity's last settlements. You must decide how to develop each character’s individual strategy in order to build a powerful and dynamic team capable of triumphing over the impossible odds. As you traverse the sprawling world of Steel, your party will face a myriad of challenges, battles, extensive mazes and fearsome enemies of all varieties.

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Campbell BirdJan 15, 2014
Overall, Heroes of Steel is easy to recommend for players that want a taste of a rock solid turn-based strategy game for iOS. The first chapter is long enough without feeling intimidating, and absolutely free to boot, so there’s really no reason not to go ahead and give it a try.
Shaun MusgraveJan 13, 2014
It's on the cusp of something really good with the battles, but the lack of variety hurts that end of things the same way it hits the whole game. Meanwhile, the non-combat aspects of the game are kind of dreadful, thanks to the slow speed, weak dungeon design, and stale environments.
Janel TorkingtonSep 09, 2014
The one complaint I have is about the controls. It could be that I simply didn't play long enough to get very accustomed to it, but I found that there was a significant delay between my command and the response. Making this slightly smoother could completely change the experience for the better. If you love adventure RPGs and roguelike quests, you'll definitely dig on Heroes of Steel. It's accessible enough for newbies, but complex enough for even experienced fans of the genre.

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