Harvey's New Eyes for iOS

Harvey's New Eyes

Aug 16, 2018
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Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
Content Rating: Teen


Lily is a shy student of a convent school and life doesn't go easy on her. Only her remarkable imagination lets her escape the drudgery of everyday life and the tasks of the stern matron. These tasks she attends to with due diligence, no matter how hard or unfair they are. Her innocent, stoic way of following order without further reflection is as tragic as it is eerie. All anger or childlike behavior is buried deep within her. And even if something unpleasant happens around her, there are always the jolly censor-gnomes. They'll paint anything pink that might upset Lily, making them not only funny, but also very convenient. But are Liliy's little potato-shaped friends real, or are they a just a projection of her vivid subconscious? It seems, it's only a matter of time until she'll snap! When her best friend Edna vanishes under mysterious circumstances, Lily has to go on a perilous journey to get her friend back, but also to overcome her deepest fears.

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JeremyAug 28, 2018
Barring a few puzzles with wacky logic, Harvey's New Eyes is a fantastic adventure full of quirky dark humor and lots and lots of gnomes painting things pink. What starts out as another simple day for Lilli turns out to be one of the most influential days full of surprisingly serious subject matter.
Monkey MikeAug 16, 2018
Il est cependant dommage de ne pas avoir accès à une traduction française. Si la base du jeu est parfaitement compréhensible pour une personne motivée qui ne serait pas fâchée avec l'anglais, les nombreuses interventions amusantes du narrateur tomberont malheureusement à l'eau pour beaucoup de joueurs pas totalement à l'aise avec la langue de Shakespeare. Ça gâche un peu la fête.

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