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Dec 14, 2017

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Gorogoa is an elegant evolution of the puzzle genre, told through a beautifully hand-drawn story designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts.

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Apr 20, 2020

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Chloi RadJan 30, 2018
Gorogoa crafts its inventive, sliding-tile puzzles and magical world with a graceful simplicity across a compact but fulfilling adventure. The excitement of solving each puzzle may be lost on a repeat playthrough, but its hand-drawn art and clever payoffs are no less satisfying to watch unfold again and again. Gorogoa manages to say so much without uttering a single word, endowing it with a mystery that invites a more attentive, thoughtful revisit — and one that I was more than happy to accept.
Kyle HilliardDec 12, 2017
Gorogoa’s artist and designer, Jason Roberts, clearly had a vision with this game and I applaud him and everyone else at developer Buried Signal for making it a reality. But I struggle to recommend this experience, because whatever emotions Gorogoa was hoping to convey, I simply did not feel them.
Jason FaulknerDec 18, 2017
If you thrill in playing games that represent the sweat and tears of a developer, Gorogoa is a great game to purchase. It's absolutely gorgeous, and I found it supremely meditative. It presents you with a bevy of unique puzzles without being overly demanding of how long it takes you to solve them. It's bright colors, beautiful artwork, and unique style make it an entirely outstanding indie game, though it might not suit everyone's fancy.

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