Flipping Legend for iOS

Flipping Legend

Jun 14, 2017
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Unleash the power of your fists, spells and weapons in this pattern-based adventure. Hone your reflexes and be one with the environment as speed and rhythm become second-nature. Play with powerful heroes and unlock all their abilities and secrets to help better dispense your foes. Reach new and faraway lands not yet discovered by fellow travelers. Be a Flipping Legend!

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Jennifer AllenJun 22, 2017
It’s all fairly lightweight stuff, but that’s what works so well for Flipping Legend. It’s ideal for frantic but brief gaming sessions, and is sure to stick around on your phone for a while to come.
Christine ChanJun 16, 2017
There is a lot of goals to accomplish that keep the game feeling fresh, and the difficulty of the game means there’s plenty of reason to keep coming back as you try and beat your previous best score. Overall, Flipping Legend is a fantastic high score chaser that is worth a download.
Campbell BirdJun 20, 2017
On its face, Flipping Legend is a pretty light game that doesn't look like it has much to it. Once you get your hands on it though, the game ends up feeling like a lot more than that. It's got a great core mechanic, a solid amount of variety, and some amazing detail work. Flipping Legend may be an arcade-style phone game, but it is a truly excellent one of those.

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