Genre: RPGSingle Player
Developer: Square Enix
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The Tale of the Chosen King, Savior to the Star. After years of fighting, the nations of Lucis and Niflheim at last agree to an armistice. As a symbol of this promised peace, Noctis, crown prince of Lucis, is to wed the Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae. The prince sets forth for his wedding on the eve of the signing ceremony, sent off by his father, King Regis. Unbeknownst to Noctis, however, the journey ahead is fraught with perils...
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But bugs aside, what Square Enix has here is the perfect mold for its mobile games. Whether original titles or abbreviated retellings like this, the future of Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest or the Mana series is bright for smartphones if it chooses to follow this formula. I love what Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition represents for the future of mobile gaming, I just don’t very much care for the actual game.

CJ Andriessen Feb 21, 2018



I played through the first chapter of FFXV Pocket Edition, and I'm getting much more enjoyment out of this than the console version so far. I wasn't expecting to like the game this much, but it's won me over with the cute and endearing, slightly deformed character models and vastly improved combat system. I've already gotten farther in just the first chapter than the console version, and that's saying something. The dialogue matching up is also impressive. Whether you've played FFXV or not, this is a great port that's exceeded my expectations.

Christine Chan Feb 08, 2018

Touch Arcade


If you're new to the game, you'll find a grand Final Fantasy adventure that feels tailor-made for mobile in all the right ways. It's enjoyable to play, the pace is excellent, and even if the story gets a little iffy in places, it's hard not to fall in love with the main cast. I still can't believe this worked, but it did, and it did so in fantastic fashion.

Shaun Musgrave Feb 08, 2018



Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is a little disappointing, but not for the reasons you’d expect. It’s a remarkably competent repackaging of Final Fantasy XV, and I hope to see more mobile releases like this in the future. If that happens though, it’d be nice if the game were a little more polished and it was done with a game that is more interesting than Final Fantasy XV.

Campbell Bird Feb 13, 2018



I'm hoping to see more bite-sized chunks of my favorite stories released in this manner for when I just don't have the time to sink into the version I want to. There's definitely a market out there for these types of releases, and I'd love to see it grow beyond the cheaply-made mobile cash-grabs out there.

Brittany Vincent Feb 23, 2018



Yes, that’s an awfully hefty price for a mobile game, one so large that it does make one wonder whether it’s worth it to take the plunge or simply buy the console version of Final Fantasy XV, which by now can be had for less than its original price. Still, if seeing the game on mobile is what prompted you to want to give it a try in the first place, it’s well worth trying out the initial, free chapter to see if you want to invest more money and time into it, as well as to marvel on how a full-fledged RPG can be translated to touchscreens without compromising all that much.

Nick Tylwalk Feb 26, 2018

Pocket Gamer


If you're a huge fan, I expect you've already bought it. If you've poured hours into the original and it left you cold, then there's not much here that's going to change your mind. If you're part of that other, more nebulous group though, I really only have one suggestion. Pick up the game, play the free bit, and see if it's the sort of thing you want to throw a big wodge of money at. I think I love it, but you might not be so sure.

Harry Slater Feb 08, 2018



FF7超のグラフィック、フルボイス。タッチ操作も快適。画質や解像度、フレームレート次第ではiPhone 7でもカクつきあり。

高野京介 Feb 08, 2018