Final Fantasy VI for iOS

Final Fantasy VI

Feb 6, 2014
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Developer: Square Enix
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The War of Magi left little but ashes and misery in its wake. Even magic itself had vanished from the world. Now, a thousand years later, humankind has remade the world through the power of iron, gunpowder, steam engines, and other machines and technologies.

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Nadia OxfordFeb 14, 2014
Fans of the SNES original will be interested to know that Final Fantasy VI on mobile utilizes the 2006 Game Boy Advance translation, which restores much of the censorship and story points that were axed from the first release. Also, the game’s soundtrack is as magnificent as ever. Final Fantasy VI on mobile is a lackluster port of a great game – but thankfully, not even a “blah” remake can bring down this classic.
Eric FordFeb 10, 2014
You can chalk this up to nostalgia, but I firmly believe the classic FF experience is well preserved and is still far better than most other iOS RPG offerings. Whether you love or hate the changes, RPG fans of the era have probably already picked this up. For the rest of you, I implore you that it’s well worth the entry fee.
Alex LangleyFeb 10, 2014
No matter what form it’s in, Final Fantasy VI is one of the best games in the history of the medium, with its fast-paced battles, humongous world to explore, fascinating characters and bold, original story. This iOS port may look a little different, but its soul is the same, so for anyone who hasn’t experienced this legendary game (or hasn’t experienced it in a while), it’s a must-have addition to your iOS collection.

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