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CJ AndriessenApr 11, 2021
This is a wonderful game with an outstanding battle system that is brought to life with what could be the best art direction of 2021.
Eric HallidayApr 07, 2021
Fantasian was designed by legendary RPG king Hironobu Sakaguchi as a love letter to games like Final Fantasy 6. It works in many interesting ideas such as the ability to drag a spell in a way to throw it like a curveball and hit multiple enemies or ones behind shields.
Casey David Muir-TaylorMay 25, 2021
It has just enough sheen to bring it into 2021 without denying where its inspiration comes from. If you’re able to play it with a controller via bluetooth on your phone or iPad or on your MacBook, that would be the definitive way to play, but all that matters is that you give it a try and fall in love with the world of Fantasian.
James GalizioAug 28, 2021
Fantasian is a fantastic RPG, and will probably be a strong contender for GOTY deliberations later this year. Though it might not hurt to wait for a few patches for lingering issues to be resolved, and to consider if you’re up for the challenge that the game will provide.
Caitlin ArgyrosMay 01, 2021
Fantasian was something of an impulse play for me. I hadn’t considered getting an Apple Arcade subscription before I found out about the game, but so far, I’m glad I did. Of course, I’m pretty immersed in the Apple ecosystem, so it was an easier adjustment for me than it might be for others. I’d like to hope that Fantasian may one day make its way to other systems — it felt like it would be right at home on console and PC when I played it on my Apple TV — but for now, it’s Apple or bust.
Shaun MusgraveAug 30, 2021
Fantasian is a very demanding experience, and you really have to be in love with its mechanics to put up with it all. Heaven knows the narrative isn’t going to keep you motivated. Fantasian is an absolute masterpiece in most regards, and yet I find myself struggling to recommend it.
Dalton CooperApr 15, 2021
It doesn't feel like the proper last big hoorah for legendary game developer Hironobu Sakaguchi or composer Nobuo Uematsu (who does a tremendous job with the soundtrack), but it's still a decent, familiar JRPG experience and one of the more interesting games currently available on Apple Arcade.
Bryan TaylorApr 07, 2021
Fantasian is a classic RPG at its core, with plenty of new tricks and a fresh art style to keep it relatable in the age of AAA cinematic experiences. The unique characters are delightful and full of intrigue, the story is engaging, and the visuals speak for themselves. Having multiple options for controls and a unique way of handling random enemy encounters makes this a game suitable for anyone looking to get lost in a fantasy adventure. While it’s not currently complete, if the game’s second half matches even a sliver of its first half in quality, the game will continue to be an absolute must-play title on Apple Arcade.
GameCentralApr 12, 2021
If you loved early Final Fantasies this will be like coming home. Despite modest innovations, the core of the gameplay, battles, and characterisation are just as they were in the classic Japanese role-playing game.
Petter HegevallApr 09, 2021
This game is good. Really good. Original but at the same time familiar, exquisitely told with lovable characters and an ingeniously written basic premise. The hand-modeled environments are beautiful just like all of the main characters and together with retro-inspired battle arrangements and superb music, it is difficult for me not to fall completely in love with Leo's journey.
Glen FoxApr 08, 2021
A brilliant Apple Arcade exclusive with a killer battle system, let down by hit-and-miss visuals and a slightly naff plot.
Jörg LuiblApr 16, 2021
Fantasian ist ein stimmungsvolles Rollenspiel - und das beste seiner Art auf Apple Arcade! Auch wenn die Story nur schleppend in Gang kommt und die Kämpfe zunächst viel zu leicht sind, entfaltet sich dank der Dioramen, der edlen Inszenierung sowie der tollen Musik ein ebenso gemütliches wie stilvolles Erlebnis.
高野京介Apr 02, 2021
○ ジオラマがもたらす臨場感。宝箱の配置一つにまでこだわった冒険の面白さ。魅力的なキャラ。快適な戦闘システム。どれも素晴らしい。 △ タッチ操作での移動とカメラが動くので慣れないとどこにいるのかわからなくなりがち。マップとの併用をオススメ。
Aubin_GregoireApr 09, 2021
Fantasian est un projet fascinant à plus d’un titre. Pour ce qui pourrait être son baroud d’honneur, Hironobu Sakaguchi renoue avec ses premiers amours et offre à ses fans sa vision d’un Final Fantasy à l’ancienne. Nostalgique, classique, mais pas dénuée d’idées intelligentes, cette première partie a tout d’un plaid chaud et réconfortant pour les afficionados de la saga de Square et de ses épisodes PS One.
Andrea VerdinoApr 10, 2021
Fantasian è una dichiarazione d'amore rivolta sia al genere dei JRPG, sia alla community di appassionati dei giochi di ruolo. L'epopea fantasy, disponibile in esclusiva su Apple Arcade, è un gioiello assoluto che non ha nulla da invidiare alle grandi opere del passato: un'avventura emozionante e magica, longeva e appagante, nata dalle stesse, sapienti mani, che hanno forgiato Final Fantasy.
Stefania SperandioApr 09, 2021
Fantasian merita, allora, tutte le attenzioni di chi ama questo genere e non si trova a suo agio con le contaminazioni action a cui è andato incontro, perché troverà nel viaggio di Leo e dei suoi compagni le sensazioni, la pacatezza, l'aurea magica e disillusa al contempo che lo hanno fatto innamorare dei giochi di ruolo a turni nell'epoca d'oro di quella signora saga chiamata Final Fantasy.
Giorgio MelaniApr 08, 2021
Fantasian è uno splendido omaggio allo stile più classico del JRPG, nonché una delle sue migliori interpretazioni moderne. La ricostruzione del canone tradizionale non è solo un'imitazione di maniera, trovando invece nuove soluzioni espressive e di gameplay che rimangono ben impresse.