Dr. Mario World for iOS

Dr. Mario World

Jul 10, 2019New
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Critic Reviews

12 Reviews
Ben ReevesJul 18, 2019
Despite the monetization method, Dr. Mario World is a fun puzzle game, and the World moniker signifies that this is more than just another Dr. Mario remix. This is the most dramatic reinvention of Dr. Mario since the series’ inception, and I often had trouble putting my phone down before the battery ran dry. Nintendo plans to update this game with new levels down the road, so this is one flu season I look forward to revisiting.
Chris CarterJul 10, 2019
Super Mario Run's "buy the entire game" concept likely would have worked at a different pricepoint, or perhaps it was worth experimenting further instead of hitching their wagon to one of many runners in an already-bloated runner market. Instead we now have energy meters and gacha-gambling in nearly every mobile release; an extreme 180 compared to the original strategy. Dr. Mario World had plenty of potential to be added to my list of regular mobile games, but I literally can't play it as often as I'd like for that to happen.
Glen FoxJul 11, 2019
And this is Nintendo we’re talking about. We’d expect this sort of morally bankrupt behaviour from the vast majority of mobile developers and publishers that are out to make a quick buck, but not from Nintendo. But as bad as that is alone, our biggest disappointment is down to the gameplay itself, which is so bog standard and dull that we already feel like we’ve seen enough on day one. That’s the most damning indictment of all.
Holly FurmanJul 19, 2019
Dr. Mario World creates a fresh look at a well-loved game, creating suspense and variety while maintaining the nostalgic gameplay of its namesake. Overall, the largest issues with the game include difficulty to be precise with gameplay on smaller phones due to the touchscreen’s mechanics in gameplay, as well as the loading times sometimes being longer than necessary when the game is exited and reopened again. Dr. Mario World is a great mobile game that any Nintendo or puzzle game fans of all would enjoy.
Dave AubreyJul 12, 2019
Dr. Mario World wants your money, and it really doesn't care if you have fun while it tries to pry your wallet open, and that really is the biggest damnation I can give to a mobile game. Don't bother downloading this, it's not even worth your time as a free curiosity. A massive disappointment, and one of the worst Nintendo licensed games I have ever played.
Mike HolmesJul 18, 2019
We're not going to grumble any more because it is what it is, and to blame Nintendo for the pitfalls of free-to-play gaming wouldn't be entirely fair. What is fair to say, however, is that Dr. Mario World is a good puzzle game held back by difficulty spikes and a free-to-play system designed to squeeze a few extra pennies out those who get sucked in.
Cameron BaldJul 12, 2019
Dr. Mario World is just about the worst game it could’ve been: bleak, penny-pinching, and thoroughly uninspired – give it a miss.
Chris ScullionJul 11, 2019
Dr. Mario World is very much a game of two halves. The single-player mode is fun in short bursts and short bursts only: lengthier sessions are impossible without regularly dropping real cash on it. Meanwhile, the multiplayer is an unrestricted delight, and the steady stream of available players means it could become your next obsession. Most importantly, both modes are built around a legitimately entertaining touchscreen twist on the standard Dr. Mario gameplay that makes plenty of changes, but clever ones that take the mobile format into account.
Steven RollinsJul 16, 2019
Dr. Mario World is another solid entry in Nintendo’s mobile lineup. I was concerned that Dr. Mario World wouldn’t do enough to differentiate itself from the plethora of match-3 games on the market. However, its blend of classic Dr. Mario gameplay and new mechanics keeps things feeling fresh. I’ll certainly be playing this for a while to come. Maybe I’ll run into you on the battlefield!
CarnbeeJul 12, 2019
Dr. Mario World s’adresse bien à tout le monde grâce à sa gratuité et à ses mécaniques de jeu extrêmement simples. Disposant d’un contenu solide et de modes réussis, le puzzle-game développé par LINE est d’une grande efficacité. Le voluptueux sirop aurait néanmoins pu se transformer en douloureux suppositoire si le business model s'était avéré injuste. Heureusement, les microtransactions, bien présentes, sont réservées aux collectionneurs voulant débloquer plus rapidement la totalité du casting. Bien joué Mario, la pilule passe bien.
Yann BernardJul 12, 2019
Un changement de formule radical illustré par la gravité inversée par rapport à la méthode originale, à l'image des références du genre sur mobiles, au point qu'il faille se tourner vers les batailles en ligne pour retrouver un peu des effets bénéfiques de Dr. Mario, où le choix de son équipe médicale joue un rôle déterminant. Pas de quoi se remettre vraiment en forme néanmoins, d'autant que certains pourraient risquer l'addiction, et dans tous les cas cliniques, mieux vaut éviter cette prescription générique et préférer les bons vieux remèdes.
Tommaso PuglieseJul 10, 2019
Dr. Mario World parte un po' a rilento, ma poi ingrana e conquista. Si tratta di un puzzle game per molti versi piĂš vicino alla tradizione delle produzioni mobile che non alla scuola Nintendo, ma che sa farsi apprezzare e introduce un bel po' di interessanti novitĂ rispetto alla formula classica della serie.


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