Death Coming for iOS

Death Coming

Mar 14, 2018
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Content Rating: Mature


'Death Coming' is a non-linear puzzle game where you take on the role of the Reaper. Your objective? Cause deaths and harvest souls while abiding by the Free Will Clause. --- Background Story --- You Died. Pure and simple, but death was not the end. You have become an agent of Death: a Reaper. You have the powers of Death, but there are rules in this supernatural afterlife. The Reaper ends lives, but it cannot control humans directly due to the Free Will Clause. As the Reaper, you must plan and execute your killings by using the environment to your advantage. In the meantime, be wary of Minions of Light, who will try to save humans from their grim fate!

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Emily SowdenMar 20, 2018
Will you have fun with it? Yes, absolutely. If you love the carefully planned strategic elements of Party Hard or the weirdly satisfying dark humour of Slayaway Camp, this will fit nicely into your library.
Christine ChanMar 16, 2018
As someone who loves a bit of dark humor and puzzles, Death Coming is just perfect and right up my alley. The graphics are visually impressive with the modernized pixel art, and the sound design is fun to listen to. It's also worth taking the time to read Death's quips to your character, because who knew Death could have a sense of humor anyway? The puzzles themselves are challenging, and the Final Destination style accidents are downright entertaining.
Dick PageMay 28, 2018
Overall, though, Death Coming is a fun lightweight puzzler with great art and creative environments. It's frustrating the devs didn't trust their core gameplay enough to avoid gumming it up with unnecessary frustrations.

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