Dear Esther for iOS

Dear Esther

Oct 2, 2019
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Developer: Sumo Digital
Content Rating: Teen


The Chinese Room’s cult classic Dear Esther arrives on iOS for the first time, in this faithful interpretation of the internationally renowned game. A man stands on a desolate Hebridean shore. As he takes his first step forward, he starts to speak: “Dear Esther...” and so begins a dreamlike, complex tale of love, loss and redemption. We’re invited to explore the windswept island, descending into an eerie, otherworldly story where reality fragments and falls apart. Generally recognised as kick-starting the walking simulator subgenre, Dear Esther features dynamic narration that means the story changes each time you return to the island. Since the original release, Dear Esther has sold over one million units and is seen as a benchmark in interactive and emotional storytelling. PC Gamer said it “provokes thought and feeling in a way few other games do.” It also won praise for its visuals and music, with The Daily Telegraph saying “Dear Esther's visuals are majestic”, and Jessica Curry’s soundtrack receiving awards and nominations from BAFTA among others.”

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Campbell BirdOct 07, 2019
Dear Esther is a bit of a conundrum. Its extremely slow pace is key to making its tone work, but it can also irritate you to the point that it takes you out of the experience. It also creates an incredibly impressive and intricate set of contrivances to deliver its narrative, but said narrative turns out to be somewhat underwhelming. It’s clear that Dear Esther is a special game, and it deserves praise for going so far outside the lines of what games traditionally try to do. But in doing so, it also sets you up for a grand revelation that never really materializes.
Giorgio MelaniOct 09, 2019
Questo è un po' quello che è successo a Dear Esther: l'alto livello della scrittura e il fascino delle ambientazioni sono rimasti inalterati ma il meccanismo narrativo sembra quasi una vecchia reliquia, in particolare se vissuto dopo alcune delle esperienze che sono uscite successivamente sul mercato e che pure devono molto, per non dire tutto, a questo titolo. La sua importanza seminale resta, ma la pianta che ha contribuito a far nascere ormai lo sovrasta.

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