Dead Cells for iOS

Dead Cells

Aug 28, 2019
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Developer: Motion Twin
Content Rating: Teen


Death is not the end.Play as a failed alchemic experiment and explore the sprawling, ever-changing castle to find out what happened on this gloomy island…! That is, assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers. Dead Cells is a roguevania action platformer that will require you to master frantic 2D combat with a wide variety of weapons and skills against merciless minions and boss. Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat.

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Deniz Alekseiv

Deniz Alekseiv

Nov 17, 2020


Jun 2, 2020
Frank Schulze

Frank Schulze

Nov 26, 2019

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James WyndcliffeAug 28, 2019
Dead Cells is an amazing game, and anyone interested in rogue-lites would be well advised to give it a shot at their earlies convenience.
Glen FoxSep 02, 2019
If you don’t have a controller though, your mileage with it may vary. It’s a very challenging and complex game from the get-go, and the virtual controls don’t really do it any favours. It needs a total rework in the control department if it’s going to function as comfortably with just a touchscreen as it does on controller.
Campbell BirdAug 27, 2019
Again, there are plenty of great pieces to read on the ins and outs of what makes Dead Cells a great game. This mobile version is that exact game, but it’s a little harder to enjoy on this particular platform. So, unless the iOS version of the game is the only way you can play Dead Cells or you want to have yet another way to play it, I’m not sure why you’d get this version over the ones that came out last year.

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