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DANDY DUNGEON Brave Yamada for iOS


Jan 25, 2017

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Content Rating: Everyone10+


How to play: To clear a floor of a dungeon, use your finger to draw a path between the entrance and the exit. Along the path, the Hero (that's Yamada-kun (that's us (that's you))) will encounter monsters, treasures, traps, and obstacles. The path you choose determines what you encounter, and when. The Hero moves along the path, battling in real-time. Use whatever items you've brought in your Item Bag to heal, attack, defend, and keep the Hero alive. Clear floors with a path covering all squares of the 5-by-5 grid for a bonus! Clear entire dungeons for big rewards! Get stuff! Get tough! Help Yamada-kun make a videogame in which he rescues a princess who looks exactly like the girl who lives next door to him, except in the game her hair is blonde instead of brown ("Original Character")!

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CJ AndriessenJan 29, 2017
From top to bottom I have nothing but love for this game. Its premise is simple and addictive, its world is vibrant and full of charm, and it offers you the opportunity to get rid of what is the most annoying aspect of free-to-play games for an arguably reasonable price. And, from what I can tell, there are no ads. In five days, Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada has changed my outlook on mobile gaming. And if you give it a shot, it just might do the same thing for you.
Sam BishopJul 16, 2019
The more we played Dandy Dungeon and the more layers were introduced, the more captivated we became by its simple yet effective mix of RPG progession and roguelike dungeons. There was always something fun to do without being intimidating, even to the point where we enjoyed the puzzle of working out the best route to clear a dungeon and get a good ranking. It's an underlooked RPG that is made for playing on the go, making it a great fit for the Switch, and anyone who wants something different should look no further.
Giorgio MelaniFeb 17, 2017
C'è insomma di che spassarsela in Dandy Dungeon, ma non solo: c'è un'anima in questo gioco, che spinge ad affezionarci e fare il tifo per il romantico, folle e coraggioso Signor Yamada.

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