Dan The Man for iOS

Dan The Man

Oct 6, 2016

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Note: This game includes in-game purchases. For more info, visit our video game microtransactions guide.

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Developer: Halfbrick
Content Rating: Teen


Play your way in Story Mode, Endless Survival Mode and Battle Mode to unlock costumes and upgrades and use arcade style controls to defeat super difficult bosses that will make you shake like jelly!

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Jul 30, 2019

Great action beat em up game that delivers nice graphics, controllers and funny dialogues and acts. You dont expect a beat em up game that good on a mobile device .

- gameplay :

What makes the gameplay interesting is that you only use jump and hit button along with side Arrows. That doesnt mean you have few choices what to use ! Everything from super hit to down and up combinations makes the gameplay so funny and has a huge replay value because of the Gameplay.

In this game you also has different game modes: adventure , story mode and survival and its for players who want more challenge .

Speedrun material ? Definetely.

All in all my personal beat em up game yet on the iOS device and it took me by surprise . This should Get much more attention.

Mujahidul Islam

Mujahidul Islam

Nov 5, 2019

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Christine ChanOct 10, 2016
If you’re a fan of action-packed brawler platformer games, then I recommend giving Dan the Man a try. It’s a perfect way to kill some time or just relieve stress — I mean, you’ll be punching a bunch of baddies in the face, after all.
Daniel Adrian SanchezJan 12, 2017
It’s difficult to find flaws in Dan The Man, as the game is packed full of great platforming action, accessible controls, simple yet fun and addicting gameplay, and great sound, making for a mobile game you won’t quickly put down. Yes, there are ads, and yes, there a ton of in-app purchases which will quickly add up, so be prepared to bear through the push to purchase content.
Nick TylwalkOct 11, 2016
Dan The Man is old-fashioned beat ’em up fun of the purest kind, blended with classic platforming and sprinkled with a sense of humor. If no part of that formula interests you, it’s possible you might be new to video games altogether — in which case this would still be a nice entry point for you, so dive in anyway.

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