Cultist Simulator for iOS

Cultist Simulator

Apr 2, 2019
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Developer: Playdigious
Content Rating: Teen


In this infamous roguelike narrative card game, play as a seeker after unholy mysteries in a 1920s-themed setting of hidden gods and secret histories. Become a scholar of the unseen arts. Craft tools and summon spirits. Indoctrinate innocents. Seize your place as the herald of a new age.

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Tasos LazaridesApr 01, 2019
The game unfolds in entertaining and challenging ways that I can’t share in great depth (again, I would be spoiling a lot of the fun if I did so), but I will say that what starts as a simple card game becomes a story-creation engine that includes summoning alien gods, sacrificing friends and foes alike, founding cults, and much more. Just be prepared to discover this world as you go along, as long as you don’t mind losing your sanity (thankfully only in terms of the game) along the way.
Campbell BirdApr 02, 2019
In a way, this mobile format for Cultist Simulator is ideal. You can whip out your phone, place some cards, and watch timers tick down in small chunks instead of playing in long, dedicated sessions that may or may not yield the rewards you seek. Even in this form though, the time investment required to understand just about anything going on in the game pushed me away from it. I’m all for games that create a sense of discovery and mystery for players to discover, but Cultist Simulator’s obtuse nature—while fascinating—is overwhelming.
Alec SandarApr 25, 2019
The artwork and the atmosphere in the game intentionally aim for the late ‘90s mysticism and even references some names in the esoteric world. The music helps achieve the immersive experience. Cultist Simulator mobile version costs around $6.99 which is a fair deal considering its PC counterpart is still at around $25.

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