Castle Doombad for iOS

Castle Doombad

Jan 9, 2014
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Dr. Lord Evilstein has kidnapped a princess, and now his evil lair is crawling with do-gooders. In this reverse spin on tower defense it’s your job to defend your home turf from heroes trying to save the day. View your domain from a side-view perspective, placing traps and unleash minions on your unwitting foes to protect the fortress.

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Robert WorkmanJan 13, 2014
Even if it isn't entirely original - and could really benefit from dropping the freemium elements - Castle Doombad is a terrific way to kick off 2014's mobile gaming season. Tower defense fans won't want to miss it, and casual fans will find a lot to like as well. Go ahead, be evil.
Nadia OxfordJan 10, 2014
Castle Doombad‘s lively graphics also help make it a tower defense game worth remembering. There’s a huge array of heroes that are out to get you, and each one carries a distinct look and are well-animated. You’ll go up against archers, ninjas (which are adept at dodging your floor traps), knights, commandos, and unicorn-riding “sexy heroes.” The game is slightly ridiculous and very self-aware.
Greg SrisavasdiJan 20, 2014
I really loved Castle Doombad's deft mixture of intricate and addictive game play. It's a slam-bang journey that does so much good that sometimes breaking bad is the only way to go. Especially if a beautiful princess is your unwilling companion.

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