Book of Demons: Tablet Edition for iOS

Book of Demons: Tablet Edition

Feb 13, 2020
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Developer: Thing Trunk
Content Rating: Teen


Tap & slash your way through the Archdemon's hordes in this atmospheric paper pop-up dungeon crawler recapturing the soul of the genre with loads of intelligent humor.

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Feb 14, 2021

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James WyndcliffeFeb 17, 2020
Book of Demons is an easy recommendation, especially for iPad. With the Flexiscope, a feature that allows you to pick the amount of time you want to play and a dungeon based on that play time will be created for you, it is capable of delivering both a short romp and a longer dive. While it doesn’t have the near infinite replayability of Diablo, that doesn’t mean it isn’t replayable at all. It is, and it’s just as good the second, third, or even fourth time through as it is on the first.
Campbell BirdFeb 14, 2020
I can’t think of an action rpg that feels better tuned to mobile than Book of Demons: Tablet Edition. It is definitely imitating Diablo, but it does so in such a caring and creative way that it imparts its own unique identity and flavor to the base formula. It also has enough customizability and play options that you can play and replay Book of Demons for a good long time without getting bored of it.
Matt SkidmoreFeb 26, 2020
There is much more to Book of Demons than initial impressions suggest. It can feel a little repetitive and automated at times, but thoughtful design decisions help to maintain interest. With three significantly different characters, each with their own signature cards and three levels of difficulty the game certainly warrants replaying even after completing your first eight-hour run through.

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