Battleheart Legacy

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Nick TylwalkJun 05, 2014
The search for a really rewarding mobile-first RPG can almost be like an epic quest of its own, but even without a big flashing arrow to guide you, rest assured that it leads to this game.
Eli HodappMay 29, 2014
Battleheart Legacy is easily among the best games I've played this year, and I can't imagine a reality where it isn't still high in the running when we get around to doing all of our game of the year stuff in December.
Alex LangleyMay 31, 2014
Battleheart Legacy makes use of a minimalist visual style that, while clean and easily accessible, won't exactly wow you. Its controls, too, are a bit of a sticking point, as during the heat of battle, it's easy to accidentally click the wrong target or move to the wrong area. Still, these issues are minor, and will probably go unnoticed by players as they're too distracted by the ludicrous amounts of fun they're having.
Matt MillerJun 26, 2014
Unlocking the many abilities can be a bit of a grind, but the charming visuals and silly humor soften the blow. And it’s hard to go too wrong with the classic formula of wandering a map confronting a host of monsters. Mika Mobile has crafted a lengthy and uncomplicated action/RPG adventure, with just enough challenge and depth to draw in gamers of all stripes.
Campbell BirdJun 10, 2014
That being said, Battleheart: Legacy is perfectly enjoyable even when focusing exclusively on one class. The game's adventuring tone makes jumping in for a quick dungeon crawl easy-to-do, while the game also contains deeper underpinnings of character customization that make long play sessions feel significant.
Alex BeechMay 30, 2014
Battleheart Legacy is an attractive, fully-featured action-RPG with elegant controls, let down only by its slightly laborious combat system.
Peter WillingtonJun 02, 2014
An exciting, accessible role-playing game that does away with most of the fluff that bogs down the genre while retaining the depth that fans adore.
Risky MaulanaNov 13, 2014
Secara keseluruhan, Battleheart Legacy merupakan RPG yang kualitasnya sesuai dengan harga yang dibayarkan. Hanya Rp. 60.000 saja, kamu sudah memboyong RPG berkualitas console klasik ini ke dalam kantongmu yang siap kamu mainkan kapan saja kamu mau. Saya sendiri terburu-buru menyelesaikan review Battleheart Legacy agar saya lekas menamatkannya demi membuka mode New Game + yang membuat saya penasaran. Jadi sebagai penutup, tidak ada kalimat lain yang lebih pantas saya ucapkan selain … Selamat bermain teman, sampai jumpa di negeri Haggerdom.