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Chris KirbyAug 31, 2012
For those who have never played Bastion, you have no excuse now. It's a steal - $4.99 for the full game - and it's a beautiful, clever, absolutely one-of-a-kind experience.
Eric FordAug 31, 2012
Minor control issues notwithstanding, Bastion for iPad is just as good, if not better than its console brethren. Every element that made the game so amazing and fascinating returns and the subtle refinements to various features in making the jump to iOS simply add to the experience. In the console realm, Bastion has been nearly universally regaled and recommended and there is no reason not to do the same on iOS.
Jon MundyAug 31, 2012
Bastion proves a number of things. It proves that the iPad can host top-notch console games when sufficient attention is paid to the controls. Immeasurably enhanced by a beautifully realised universe and an original narrative, Bastion is one of the best action-adventure games on the iPad.
Andrew NesvadbaAug 29, 2012
The breathtaking action title Bastion is born again on the App Store, complete with all new controls that suit the large touchscreen almost perfectly; if you haven't played it yet, don't hesitate to grab it now.
Francesco DestriSep 03, 2012
Sapevamo già che Bastion su iPad non avrebbe deluso, ma ritrovare il piccolo capolavoro di Supergiant Games sul tablet Apple con una simile conversione ci ha quasi sorpreso.