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Andrew FretzOct 07, 2014
I'm not the guy that gets hyped up for story based games. I am actually the antithesis to that guy. This is that game that will change your mind on story driven games. As soon as you get caught up in the story, Banner Saga will give you a ride well worth the price of admission.
Brittany VincentOct 08, 2014
Banner Saga is one of the greatest adventure games, mobile or otherwise, that's come around in quite a long time. Not only is it interesting and accessible, but it's clean, ornate, and enjoyable through and through. If you only pick out one adventure game this year on iOS, make it this one.
Pete SchwabOct 22, 2014
The Banner Saga is a gorgeously hand crafted game that will definitely appeal to a player looking for a certain kind of experience. It is slow-paced, broad strokes world building at its finest, and the care and thought that went into designing the look and systems of this game show. ...The adaptation to iOS, and small-form mobile platforms in general, feels like it could be a good fit with some tweaking but as it stands the experience is not ideal.
Blake GrundmanOct 09, 2014
No bones about it: this is the complete Banner Saga experience, with no compromises to the already critically-lauded gameplay. Not only is this a title that should be played, it should be savored like a fine digital wine. Rarely do you see an iOS port that goes to such great lengths to preserve what made the PC version so special.
Jon MundyOct 09, 2014
It's unforgiving in certain ways, deeply unusual in others, and it requires a little patience before it really all soaks in. But when it does - and it will - you'll find one of the most richly rewarding iOS games of this or any year.
James GilmourOct 13, 2014
Though this iOS port has a couple of optimisation issues, The Banner Saga is an atmospheric and involving adventure which is far deeper and more rewarding than your average mobile RPG.
Jörg LuiblOct 06, 2014
Das ist aber nicht nur sehr elegant inszenierte, sondern überaus motivierende und vor allem innovative Rundentaktik, in der man seine Gefährten clever positionieren und entwickeln muss. Ja, es gibt auch ärgerliche Defizite, was die fehlende Routenwahl oder die immer gleichen Arenen mit ihrer Statik betrifft. Aber hier bekommt ihr Schach und Drama, Kampf und Konsequenzen – was will man mehr? Endlich die Konsolenversionen! Ach ja: Und den zweiten Teil!
Alessandro ZampiniOct 29, 2014
...The Banner Saga è un gioco incantevole, capace di ammaliare e rapire grazie ad un'atmosfera e ad uno stile grafico superbi. Il motivo per cui il titolo Stoic Games non riesce a raggiungere l'assoluta eccellenza è da ricercarsi in un senso di latente incompiutezza, visto che ogni componente del gioco, pur realizzata con perizia, non riesce ad essere totalmente finalizzata, e questo porta a una non perfetta amalgama del tutto.
Mohammad FahmiJun 14, 2016
Jika kamu merupakan penggemar Strategy RPG, jelas kamu tidak boleh melewatkan The Banner Saga. Banyak orang yang membandingkan game ini dengan game strategi terkenal lainnya seperti XCOM dan Fire Emblem, hanya saja game ini memiliki visual yang lebih menakjubkan. Jika kamu tidak terlalu suka dengan genre Strategy RPG tapi suka dengan kisah fantasi, maka kamu juga wajib mencoba terjun ke dalam dunia The Banner Saga. Dengan visual yang luar biasa, musik yang berkualitas, cerita yang menarik, gameplay yang bisa membuat berpikir, serta playtime yang cukup panjang, dijamin kamu tidak akan rugi membeli game yang satu ini.