Jan 16, 2019
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Developer: Joel Rochon
Content Rating: Teen


Take control of an exorcist on a mission to cleanse an ancient curse. Your only tool: a ship that fires from the back. THIS GAME IS CURSED. Install Backfire and your soul will be bound within the machine. Only total victory will release you— until then you will be damned. Innumerous foes will block your path, ancient demons will stand against you, and death will come, again and again. Only with skill and perseverance can you purify the curse and save yourself. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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Campbell BirdJan 29, 2019
BackFire’s difficulty curve might make you hate it at times, but its design is fair enough that you’re always jumping back in to see if you can best it. What helps is that the game has an ingenious upgrade system that always lets you make progress, even if you’re just banging your head against a level repeatedly. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part: all of this feels completely intuitive and easy-to-control on a touch screen.
Harry SlaterJan 29, 2019
Yeah, BackFire is tough, but it tells you that from its App Store page onwards. And it's not that the game isn't pulling its punches, it's that the punches it lands are hard enough to knock you back, but never quite strong enough to knock you down.
OlivierJan 25, 2019
BACKFIRE est un jeu d'arcade addictif, compulsif, difficile et très intense, jouable de façon extrêmement simple que ce soit sur iPhone ou iPad grâce à un gameplay à une touche. Il vous faudra énormément d'échecs face à toutes les créatures de ce monde imaginé par le développeur indépendant Joel Rochon, mais à force d'amélioration et d'apprentissage par la défaite, vous parviendrez petit à petit à avancer, exploser le premier boss, et ainsi de suite jusqu'à la fin... mais votre chemin sera tortueux, comme ce jeu d'arcade. A vous maintenant d'exorciser ce monde généré aléatoirement !

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