Attack the Light - Steven Universe Light RPG

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Nadia OxfordApr 09, 2015
Despite its sometimes-slow battles (which honestly do speed up a bit once you gain a few levels and learn how to use your skills efficiently), Attack the Light is a solid, budget-priced RPG that gets by on its own merits regardless of how much you know about Steven Universe. Oh, and fans should play it too. Of course.
Carter DotsonApr 06, 2015
But in my somewhat old age, I also can recognize a stinker of a licensed game versus one that I enjoy on its own merits. Some of the Adventure Time games are hit or miss, for example. But with Attack the Light, Grumpyface delivered a fantastic RPG that anyone can enjoy.
Ben DavisApr 02, 2015
There's no doubt in my mind that fans of Steven Universe will be pleased with Attack the Light. It stays true to the show and gives players a chance to explore and fight alongside these great characters, all while offering a fun, if at times simple, gameplay experience. Even for non-fans, it's still a solid mobile RPG. And if you're not a fan of Steven Universe yet, then I bet you will be after playing Attack the Light.
Campbell BirdApr 06, 2015
The game is gorgeously animated with bright colors, has secrets hidden away in every level, contains challenge areas for players to test their mettle, uses variety of different environments, contains unlockable special abilities, and more. For those that actively dislike Steven Universe or otherwise don't like the more streamlined nature ofMario & Luigi-type RPGs, this game may not be for them. Otherwise,Attack the Lightis one of the best mobile RPGs out there.
Harry SlaterApr 09, 2015
And it is just like an RPG. It might appear light and frothy to begin with, but once you get stuck into the rhythm of play, and start powering up your heroes, you'll find a surprisingly tactical battle system and some interesting puzzles. Even if you're not a fan of the show, this one is well worth checking out. It's bright, breezy, full of solid ideas, and will scratch even the itchiest RPG itch.