Arkanoid vs Space Invaders for iOS

Arkanoid vs Space Invaders

May 17, 2017
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Themes: Action
Developer: Taito
Content Rating: Everyone


AUTHENTIC RETRO ARCADE GAMEPLAY : Combines the exciting shoot ‘em up and block breaking gameplays in one game. Reflect the invaders bullets right back at them. Gather energy and trigger Attack Mode to destroy your enemies. 150 STAGES TO PLAY! : Each level will test your skills and puzzle solving abilities. Experience over 20 different powers. Defeat huge 3D Invader bosses and save the galaxy. NEED MORE? Unlock 40 different characters from the Taito legacy each with their own unique abilities (Shields, split ball, etc.) Hard Mode offers a new challenge for completionist players . Compete on the leaderboards in ranked mode

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Jennifer AllenMay 25, 2017
It’s not all perfect, though. Boss battles are somewhat lacklustre, never quite fulfilling their potential. That’s a fairly small issue, however, in an otherwise great game. While you never knew that you needed this mash up in your life, it’ll be hard to forget about for a while to come. Arkanoid vs Space Invaders is a well pitched and highly enjoyable title. You’ll soon remember why the two respective games were so addictive back in the day.
CJ AndriessenMay 24, 2017
There is just so much game here to enjoy and with no ads, no microtransactions, and no need to always be connected to the internet, Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders is missing most of the red flags people wave when dismissing the mobile marketplace. It isn’t the best version of Space Invaders out there (this is) but it is the best version of Arkanoid currently available and one that is well worth the four bucks I spent to get it.
Eli HodappMay 18, 2017
If you've been wondering where the heck all the premium games have gone and just love hating on free to play, it's really worth putting your money where your mouth is and picking up this game (particularly during its launch sale). Squeenix could've very easily released Arkanoid vs Space Invaders as a freemium game, loaded with ads and coins to buy. They likely would've made tons more money too. Arkanoid vs Space Invaders is a fantastic refresher of what arcade style iOS games used to be like it, and I'm more than happy to celebrate that.

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