Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story

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Tasos LazaridesSep 26, 2017
Still, Another Lost Phone is worth playing because it does broach the kinds of topics we don't usually see in mobile games but we see and hear about every day. Some may disagree about the potential of mobile games as a tool for social awareness, but since these devices are usually implicated in all kinds of unpleasantness, I think it's appropriate that they also be used as a way to remedy the issues they can often create.
Campbell BirdSep 21, 2017
Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story is more or less true to its name. It is very much another game like A Normal Lost Phone. This makes it a pretty unsurprising package in some ways, but there are also some welcome improvements that improve the experience. Even with these enhancements though, Laura's Story just doesn't have the same magical impact of A Normal Lost Phone. It's still a great game, but it's also completely expected.
Stephanie ChanSep 21, 2017
Another Lost Phone is a brief exploration about one woman’s experience with domestic abuse, and though there are some missteps, I enjoyed the experience overall. It’s definitely an important topic to talk about, and to Accidental Queens’s credit, they do so without being overly heavy-handed. I only wish our time with Laura wasn’t so brief, and that we learned more about who she was beyond her relationship with her abuser.
Suzie FordSep 27, 2017
Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is an interesting, topical game that touches on some important issues with regard to our connected world and the impact it can have on young people. If you go into it knowing that you need to really be on top of the UI thing, you’ll find a good story that you’ll find yourself pondering over long after the game is finished.
Harry SlaterSep 22, 2017
An engaging and intriguing mix of adventuring and puzzling all set in the world of someone else's phone.
Nick Gillham Oct 11, 2017
Regardless of a clunky final reveal Another Lost Phone is a rather effecting piece of interactive media that all feels really intimate as you prod around this person’s life with scant regard for their privacy. Highlighting the psychological abuse that can happen in such small personal circles isn’t easy but here it’s dealt with in a delicate way even offering up a lot of advice to people who may or may not know if they’re in the same situation.