Alto's Adventure

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Eli CymetFeb 19, 2015
What Alto’s Adventure is pales in noteworthiness to what it does: imbue you with a sense a longing for a perfect digital dreamscape. ...Every choice great and small feels as if it were made to preserve experiential authenticity. Alto’s Adventure houses a wondrous, meaningful place to spend your time, and also just so happens to be a game.
Eric FordFeb 20, 2015
I imagine most folks will fall into two camps when it comes to Alto’s Adventure. The first will appreciate the sheer amount of artistic integrity and nuanced visual effects that the title employs and will play it just to experience those aspects. The second will largely ignore those aspects and see the game as yet another side-scrolling endless runner with pretty standard mechanics.
Jennifer AllenFeb 24, 2015
Upgrades are fairly simple, with power-up boosts forming the majority here along with a wing suit that’s expensive but not entirely satisfying to use. Instead, Alto’s Adventure is more about the journey and simple exploration. It achieves such serene fun very well, and it’s sure to be a game you’ll keep coming back for more, for a while to come.
Harry SlaterFeb 20, 2015
Alto's Adventure is quite possibly the best-looking snowboarding game I've ever played. It's stunningly simple, and its mountain setting is at times utterly beautiful.It's also bloody good fun. The easy-to-grasp one-touch gameplay and cleverly layered challenges make for a compulsive and engaging experience.
John KimFeb 20, 2015
Alto’s Adventure joins the visual ranks of the likes of Monument Valley, and although the gameplay is not as innovative, there is enough substance and evolution of the endless runner for an enjoyable adventure.
Alberto GonzálezMay 11, 2015
Alto's Adventure es una aplicación que goza de un diseño audiovisual exquisito y una mecánica de juego sencilla de aprender, pero de difícil dominio, que nos garantizará horas y horas de entretenimiento anestesiante y embriagador. Es una experiencia única en iOS, que debe ser disfrutada y probada por cualquier usuario aficionados a los videojuegos que disponga de un dispositivo de Apple.
Andrea PalmisanoFeb 19, 2015
Alto's Adventure è un endless runner di grandissima qualità, contraddistinto da una minuziosa e certosina attenzione nella lavorazione sia dell'elemento del gameplay che di quello estetico. Un connubio capace di dar vita ad un prodotto che ha il potenziale per farsi apprezzare anche da chi davvero non ne può più di giochi di questo genere.
Arya W. WibowoFeb 17, 2016
Satu kata untuk Alto’s Adventure: adiktif. Game ini mungkin akan sesekali membuatmu frustrasi dengan tingkat kesulitan misi yang diberikan, akan tetapi pengalaman bermain yang ditawarkan selalu membuat rindu dan memainkannya kembali. Apalagi ketika saya akhirnya berhasil melewati misi sulit tersebut, hilanglah sudah produktivitas.