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The game itself controls very well, and only suffers from connectivity issue during matches. Building levels is easy, but scrolling through the options individually can sometimes be a pain. In the end, this is a game meant to be held up by a community, so once this game is forgotten by most, it'll lose a lot of the fun, especially in Vs. mode. Ultimately, a must buy.


The Witcher: Complete Edition is just as you'd expect from a port for a less powerful console. The graphics appear slightly blurry, however are still magnificent by any means. The base game remains as fantastic as ever, albeit with a couple glitches here and there as the console makes an effort to play such a powerful game. If you already have the game on PS4 or Xbox, there's no reason to buy it here, but for newbies, it's an excellent purchase.


It's a good, semi-open world dbz game with great graphics once you understand all controls, combos and the game overall.

It's definitely better in terms of story mode than the previous clone repetitive DBZ Fighterz.

It does however have it's own flaws as well:

- It cannot auto detect on the menu if you using a Joystick or keyboard + mouse, you have to change it manually.

- When free roaming you always encounter these annoying bots/androids or whatever. Its basically the same bot with minor color changes and differs in power level based on the color.

- Running errands can be annoying and they could have done a better job with side quests.

- Characters also have this annoying tendancy of repeating the same phrase over and over again until you finish a certain activity/errand.

- The game also doesn't do a good job of properly introducing you to the controls & gameplay like most DBZ games do.


God of War is one of the games i enjoyed most until the very end.I got really suprised when it ended .I just didnt expect it to be so short. Maybe thats the only thing that doesnt make it 10/10 for me. Everything else is amazing. Combat is one of the best ive seen , story is good ,characters are great and voice acting is on max level. World is pretty and really good designed.I loved this game but im sad it didnt have the ending i was hoping for.I wish second game will deliver a story this one deserves.


This game is masterpiece,one of the best i have ever played.Design is so beautiful,story is deep and really nicely written,Aloy is one of the best main characters. I didnt get bored once in 45 hours i spent playing .Combat is really enjoyable and progression system is something i really like in this game. It actually depends most on how good you are and not how good is your gear or weapon.


La neta pasas un buen rato con la jugabilidad, la historia y las referencias.


If you loved playing Dragon Age Origins, then this game might be the proper game who will scratch that achy feeling of yours. This is a game by Spiders, they are the ones who created Technomancer and Bound By Flame. So here are my pros and cons


+ Companion system. I just love the idea of forging bonds with your party members.

+ Dialogues and cut-scenes. To be honest I find it quite entertaining, I like the cut-scenes, specially when they are talking.

+- Plot. I am not gonna say anything, you have to feel it.

+- Game length. It is an okay length for an RPG game. For others, it might be too short because it took me 50 hours to finish literally everything in the game, this also includes my time grinding for money.

- Repetitive assets, battle and enemies. It's just that it is a semi open world and I expected it to be diverse but no, each town almost looks the same, the enemies looks the same and then the battle will worn you out pretty much early in the game.

- You can easily over power enemies which kills the fun even when set on hard mode. I am not sure if this is the same on extreme mode (will update the review if it does make a lot of difference).

But overall this game will definitely keep you entertained and hooked up until the end.


The best frustrated father simulator


is very good just only i, see it is not open on huawei p smart 2019 bat is download and instal it is not open why.???


I have never had any interaction with Dragon Ball Z in the past. I've never been big into Anime and almost all of the games are Fighting games which I've never been a fan of. When I heard this was going to be an ARPG and tell the story from the beginning and fully for the most part, I decided to jump in. I'm glad I did. It is a good ARPG with cooking, collecting, and leveling as you would find in most ARPG's. I am surprised at how much I am enjoying the story and it is welcoming to newcomers. I would recommend it to newcomers and definitely to fans of the Dragon Ball Z Universe.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing this game. The only problems I had were repetition and a weak final act.


Incredible game with compelling story and characters. This is a must-buy for Playstation owners. I'd say to get the PS4 just to play this game.


This game started off great but with several horrible updates this game should be avoid. The multiplayer function of the game has been destroyed. Game progression is extremely slow now with so many added cost of collecting cards and upgrading them. A player needs gold, coins, gems, tokens and dust to upgrade and advance. Currently the only upgrade package available is $99.00. All other packages are gone. The majority of the game has been down for days with no response from developers.


Nice Story. Simple gameplay with lot of puzzles and mystery.


One of the better spider-man games to date. Very easy to complete and platinum if you're a trophy hunter, DLC is fun as well.


10/10 Great game! Played over many times and never gets old, great storyline. Might be one of the greatest games to come out on the playstation!


november 2012,ubisoft unveiled a new far cry game,far cry 3 which was about to blow the mind of gamers with brilliant story.I have completed it 4 times and trust me Vaas is like a 24 carat gold of this game,one of the best video game villian and dude that dialogue"did i tell u the definition of insanity?" will always be my best one


Great Game. Villain is interesting and Story is very engaging. Scenery is great with lots of things to do such as catching fish huting animals and taking over outposts. All In all a Great Game!


Very Boring not much of a story line main villain is very boring not much to explore. Too easy to complete not enough gameplay time or levels in the game.


Nowhere near as good as Red Dead 2. Much Smaller map and Game play is simple and not as exciting with not as many things to do as in red dead 2


Great Game!


Great game Lots of Action. Love Sam Fisher


Not Very good Story line compared to the Movie. Game play is Boring


Great Game. Much Harder Than Previous Harry Potter Games


Decent Much Better Graphics And Game play than The original. Great Story line


Same old formula.

New cups and tracks and others have ya revisiting favorite tracks in the franchise.

It’s cool to have this game on the go.

Online feature is addictive, since the community remains active.


This game is a remake from an original title released on the Nintendo DS strange journey...

Now in redux a story line and character have been added, and that sure adds hours of gameplay.

Aside from that it’s pretty much the same game, it’s fully voiced in Japanese.

Cutscenes are there and looks beautiful.

It’s such a great addicting game same system mechanic.

I think it’s a great entry point if you’re not familiarized with SMT.

And overall and enjoyable title for fans of SMT and RPGs, in here you fight and ally with demons, fuse them, and collect them.

It’s like an adult pokemon the premise of the game is addictive and the dark story compelling.

Difficulty is hardcore even in normal is a challenge and you’ll probably need to grind.


It’s a fun game to play with an amazing soundtrack! (Seriously music in this video game is top notch).

The last installment in a whole saga that was never released outside of Japan until now. Don’t worry you don’t need to have played the past games. This one has its own story and make a good job at explaining events from past games.

The story is there... it’s not great nor deep but is there and Is alright keep you entertained, graphics are alright for the 3ds and of course there are better looking games this one do excels in artwork.

The world with multiple NPCs to talk to makes it feel alive.

Combat system is where the main fun is at and this game has its own unique mechanics make it even far more fun, lots of customization, probably it’s only fault is the lack of a hard mode it’s only standard and casual, even on standard the game feels easy sure you can die but if you’re decent and know some about RPGs you’ll be just fine.

This is a great game such a secret gem in the 3ds.


Overall, not a bad game. I don't think it would be on anybody's playlist (wasn't on mine); this is the kind of game that you would play to get a breather from "that" game that you're really into or that you pre-ordered.

The cases are interesting, they will make you want to finish the game or simply stop because of how repetitive it is. The mechanics aren't great, you'll often want to do something that simply can't be done. It runs well (not smooth) enough to enjoy it. Should you buy it?, only if it's around $5, not because it's terrible but because there are just way better games than this.


Probably one of the most enjoyable games I have played in my life. The gameplay is amazing, and the level up system for each character was excellent, and the maps were balanced. For the most part zombies and plants were balanced, and the constant updates brought changes to characters and also added characters, which made the game very fun.


This is a great childhood memory for me, though compared to bigger open world titles like Skyrim and The Witcher 3, it lacks content. For its reasonable, I think it brings a fun experience to your gaming life.


First game I have spent so much hours on, though it can be stressful at times, it also brings amazing amounts of fun, and I think it is a very solid FPS game


Death Stranding is without a doubt the most divisive game released in 2019. But, will it satisfy fans of Kojima's previous work? That is the question i'll try to answer with this review.

Death Stranding is like Kojima's previous games very weird. It constantly throws new concepts at the player, resulting in a sometimes confusing main plot. This means that players will have to invest themselves in the lore in order for everything to make sense once the credits roll. Luckily, the game provides the players with a collection of interviews with ingame characters, explaining the deep lore of the game. Death Stranding features a cast of well-known actors, like Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. While it's great to see the gaming media being noticed by actors normally only seen in movies, the game does little to change the appereance of the game, resulting in the main character Sam losing his identity, and "thus becomming" Norman Reedus instead. Ths is probably the story's biggest problem. If you manage to ignore this, there is actually an amazing story underneath, and a very emotional at that. The game has a strong message of being nice to others. It's just sad that the story is so badly paced with almost nothing happening in the entire midpoint of the game.

As you probably already know if you've been active in the gaming media, Death Stranding has been accused of being a "walking simulator". This is sadly true. While the unique online aspect of the game manages to motivate the player to continue on, the gameplay still becomes a bit boring in the end. This is why I find it weird that the game actually is very addicting, and I would often play for hours without being able to stop. The term "just one more game" was replaced by "just one more delivery". I loved contributing to the online environment of the game by building structures such as roads and power generators for other players to interact with.

Graphically, the game is one of the most stunning games on the market. Kojima Productions borrowed the Decima Engine from Guerilla Games, and this was a great choice. The faces are the most detailed i've ever seen in a video game, with even small things such as tears looking extremely high quality. The enviroments are also incredibly beautiful, and it just bugs me that the game doesn't have a photo mode feature, as I would often stop just to enjoy the scenery. The soundtrack is also as good, and even though it wasn't really my style of music, I still go back to listen to it sometimes.

I give Death Stranding an 8/10. If you're looking for a game with a thought-provoking story and unique ideas, Death Stranding is for you. However if you're looking for fast-paced fun, don't even think about buying it.


Kratos has moved to mythological Norway in the reboot of the beloved God of War franchise. After the death of his wife, he, along with his young son Atreus, embarks on a journey to spread her ashes from the highest peak in all of the realms. It's a story about parenthood, and accepting your past. The two things Kratos struggles with the most.

Fans of Northern Mythology are going to love God of War. It manages to stay mostly true to the stories we know from the mythology, while incorporating multiple characters from the past God of War games in a beautiful way. The snowy environments of Viking Age Scandinavia are masterfully detailed, with countless of references to the famed gods, while still managing to tell a continuation of Kratos' story. The best example of this is without a doubt the relationship between him and his joyful son, that will evolve throughout the long journey. Sadly, the story lacks a bit in terms of pacing, and can at points feel dragged out.

The past games were famous for their gory combat. This type of combat is still existing in this installment, however it has been renewed and redefined. The camera is now places behind Kratos, resulting in an over-the-shoulder view. The combat has been influenced by the likes of Dark Souls, resulting in a deeply satisfying hack and slash game. The boss battles are fewer than in previous installlments, but when they finally kick in they're as brutal and satisfying as ever. Combine all of this with loads of ways to customise Kratos and Atreus, and you have a near-perfect experience.

Many games use soundtracks to provoke the feelings of the people playing the games, and God of War also does this. The fantastic soundtrack created by Bear McCreary is heavilly influenced by old nordic music, resulting in an inspiring piece of work.

I give God of War a 9/10. It is in many ways a fantastic work of art, however the story lasted a bit too long.


Aside from it being quite lineal; one of the best games ever made. I love how the use of a headset is used to make a completely different hands experience.