World Of Cryptoids for Crypto
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World Of Cryptoids

Breeding, Mini game, Fighting
At World of Cryptoids we're building a massively multiplayer online game. A pokemon inspired metaverse world where players can breed, own, and monetize their Cryptoids using a variety of blockchain based tokens. $CAC will be the primary governance token and the game has been designed around being a sustainable Play to Earn blockchain game (sP2E). By fighting against other Cryptoids, players can earn token rewards and later on build their own Kingdom throughout the Land play ecosystem. World of Cryptoids gameplay is designed around a sustainable economy allowing players to invest in the game and receive sustainable rewards over a long period of time. The game will feature a whole host of new experiences including breeding, land battles, adventure mode(PvE), and arena mode(player vs. player battles). With all these game modes in mind, we expect a significant amount of traction to be built up in the first few months with a very healthy game economy developed. World of Cryptoids will bring blockchain gaming into the mainstream mobile and browser gaming ecosystem by offering the advantages of NFT and cryptocurrency ownership.
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