The MetaFire for Crypto
Play to Earn

The MetaFire

Metafire is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and Battle Royale Esport Game genre which is built by a Decentralized Economy application community-oriented with NFT could be the major concentration throughout game playing. In Metafire, NFT and the native tokens are used to possess characters, upgrade game items, and exchange the preferable objects throughout the game journey. With Metafire, the development team wants to bring a new experience of battle royale mode where players can equip the weapons by themselves prior to the game as well as renting from the weapon factory to create their own weapon - which could spark the joy for all the players. Along with that, Metafire provides the features to let players train their heroes by sending them to barracks to boost up the attribute. Metafire could be the new and first game in the market to offer an extremely new gaming experience at the moment for the priority sake “Play-To-Earn".
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