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Piggy Planet

Adventure, Defi, RPG, Collectible
Being developed and operated on Binance Smart Chain, Piggy Planet is a gaming ecosystem containing within itself a decentralized exchange, also known as PiggySwap. Essentially, Piggy Planet allows users to take part in adventurous journeys and battles in the Marvel and DC universes. Combined with the future NFT exchange platform, Piggy Planet is also the place to exchange rewards and characters and/or other cross planets/universes. These digital gaming items are fixed in price or set price through bidding process. Transactions in Piggy Planet and PiggySwap are carried out on the smart contracts of Binance Smart Chain. Piggy Planet helps users/players to make profits by exchanging and purchasing items and characters in the game. PIGI Token plays an important role as the native token that governs the ecosystem of Piggy Planet and PiggySwap.
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