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Defi, Fantasy, Mining
The world of Orakler was in danger, evil forces from the darkest reaches of the realm had organised themselves and were capable of anything. They were using the darkest magic to conquer our realm and subjugate all of Orakler's countrymen. They were The dark armies and there was no one who could stand in their way. It was at this moment, when all seemed lost, that a small group of wizards joined forces to unite their power and defeat the evil that stalked the Crown of Orak. Using the ancient scepters of the four peoples (druids, wizards, sorcerers and witches) they managed to brew potions that would defeat the evil wiles of The dark armies, but it was not enough, so they had to resort to even more powerful magic..... The great Orak, founder of our kingdom and wizard of immense power, was able to conjure the most complex spells and defeat any army. He alone was able to wield the mightiest sceptre of all, which he named after himself: The Sceptre of Orak. This sceptre evolved as Orak grew stronger and stronger. Since Orak died no one wielded his sceptre again, but during the war, the strongest ones tried, and using the power crystals to channel the great magic within it, succeeded. They were the only ones capable of saving the kingdom by leading the army of wizards that resisted in battle. We are the resistance and we need all the power we can get, are you willing to fight with us to defend the crown of Orak? If so, go ahead and fight on our side and help us brew enough potions to supply our armies, we will reward you with Orakler gold coins. Are you ready? Go for it!!!
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