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Xbox One
Jamie CollyerOct 15, 2021
I had a great time with Godstrike. The combat is fast and fluid, and hectic as a bastard, but the challenge is pitched just right that I found myself dropping in every day or so for an hour to see how I would get on. Having time as our health and restriction is an inspired touch, and every hit against us has that bit more impact as a result. Truly challenge, but incredibly rewarding, Godstrike is an easy recommendation.

Alchemic Cutie

Xbox Series X
Graham CameronOct 13, 2021
Alchemic Cutie is a relaxing RPG that relies too much on the patience of the player. I have reviewed similar games like Monster Harvest so I wasn’t expecting miracles. But demographically this is all over the place. The quests and simplicity seem to feel it was aimed at kids but the sheer tedious of waiting for something to happen will make many lose interest. There is only so much crap you can pick up before your soul starts slipping away.

Back 4 Blood

Xbox Series X
Varnell HarrisOct 12, 2021
While Back 4 Blood and Left 4 Dead may have their similarities, to call them the exact same is ludicrous. What Turtle Rock Studios did was create a new game with new systems, mechanics, and a different flow of gameplay. Back 4 Blood may resemble Left 4 Dead, but on its own, it was able to capture a fun and exciting zombie-killing environment that can be had with friends for months to come.

Far Cry 6

Xbox Series X
Jamie CollyerOct 12, 2021
Far Cry 6 is as Far Cry as Far Cry gets. It may be cut from the same cloth as previous entries almost identically, but when the action is this fun and the world is this expansive and full of things to do, I’m not going to complain. The title alone will let you know if that’s for you, but if it is, you’re in for one hell of a ride.


Xbox Series X
Carlos SantuanaOct 10, 2021
If you’re looking for a new way to jump into the world of Hot Wheels, Unleashed is certainly not a bad way to go, after all, we’ve seen worse in the series’ history. That said, the price point may prove steep for what feels like a more basic use of this beloved licensed property, and with very basic options for included game modes, a lack of substantial variety in race types, and no suitable way for the community to share their impressive track builds, it feels like Milestone has undercut themselves in a possibly rushed attempt to capitalise on this potentially fruitful racing franchise.

Dustwind - The Last Resort

Xbox Series X
Graham CameronOct 09, 2021
Dustwind for me was a fun trip down memory lane as I enjoyed the original Fallout games. They copied the style nicely but the story was too contrived. A woman forager who was beaten and had her daughter kidnapped that suddenly becomes Rambo is a bit of a stretch. The game was still fun to play through, but some of the niggles that made the old-style games annoying should have really been ironed out.

World War Z: Aftermath

Xbox One
Varno HarrisOct 08, 2021
If you were already a fan of the base World War Z then I would have no problem recommending Aftermath to you. Although some aspects of the game could have used a bit more attention, blasting through zeds in the first person was still an enjoyable experience, especially with the addition of friends.

Dandy Ace

Xbox One
Corey LyleOct 07, 2021
Fans of the recently popular isometric roguelike genre will find familiarity in Dandy Ace. They will also find a sense of uniqueness. Though an interesting move-set building mechanic, you will find yourself battling the RNG at times, but at least you are always building towards progression no matter how far a run may take you.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Xbox Series X
Carlos SantuanaOct 06, 2021
What you’ll find here isn’t the next game to join the contest of who can be the biggest FPS hit of the year, but rather a game that focuses on realism, action, and teamwork. It trades the big-budget effects for the nitty-gritty darkened warfare and it does this in a way that feels believable and enthralling, whilst managing to scratch that one-more-go itch as each round concludes, and for the efforts, it might just be the surprise big hitter of the year from the FPS genre after all.

Don't Touch this Button!

Xbox Series X
Jamie CollyerOct 04, 2021
There are already plenty of excellent first person puzzle titles on Xbox, and so Don’t Touch This Button! struggles to stand shoulder to shoulder them. If you’re after something in that genre that’s short to get through this might pique your interest, but those looking to settle in for a night or two of puzzling would do best to look elsewhere.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

Xbox Series X
Jamie CollyerOct 04, 2021
All in all, it’s fantastic to see Super Monkey Ball back after all these years. This Banana Mania collection brings the classic games back to the fore, with hundreds of stages to play, a dozen mini games, lots of cosmetics to unlock and more. The gameplay is as challenging – and fun – as ever, and will no doubt garner a new audience of fans that still have youth on their side.


Xbox One
Jamie CollyerOct 03, 2021
Even with some tricky movement and super hard solo road blocks, I enjoyed what I played of AlphaLink. It’s got that old school arcade multiplayer charm, with potential not just for local game nights but even online play. The gunplay is decent enough to counter the movement issues, and there are enough modes to keep things interesting. A good first console outing for Black Hive, and I hope to see the game thrive going forward.
Jake PlantOct 02, 2021
Sable is one of the latest games to get a day one release on Xbox’s Game Pass service so it’s almost impossible to not give it a recommendation for anyone with a subscription, but on the whole, I was somewhat let down. The game has some of the most visually stunning graphics I’ve seen, but the gameplay gets repetitive. Exploring the desolate expanse on your own terms is not as fun as it sounds.


Xbox One
Jake PlantSep 29, 2021
Anyone out there looking for a precision platforming challenge should consider picking up Dojoran. Achievements hunters will have a slightly harder time than usual here. It’s a quick 1000G, but it will test your platformer reflexes. The 1-bit minimalist art style suits this game well; it doesn’t compare to the best of the bunch, but it’s a fun diversion and challenge.

In Sound Mind

Xbox Series X
Carlos SantuanaSep 29, 2021
Now, as I mentioned briefly at the start, the trailer didn’t quite sell to me the whole psychological horror tag that has been applied to In Sound Mind, and even now after having spent some enjoyable hours running through it, I wouldn’t quite point fully towards the horror genre for placement with In Sound Mind. Sure it has a few horror elements, however, should you be willing to accept it as a psychological thriller, then I for one would certainly assign that as amended tag, whilst also raising the expectation that In Sound Mind is a game we’ll likely see mentioned in the same breath as previously mentioned classic Condemned, in years to come.

A Gummy's Life

Xbox Series X
Carlos SantuanaSep 28, 2021
Overall, whilst Gummy’s Life won’t quite bring the thrills of Fall Guys, or provide quite the surprising time sink that Human Fall Flat can as you try to perfect actions through wobbly movement, it isn’t a bad game. It takes what we know from Gang Beasts, adds bots, full cross-play functionality and a ton of maps and leaves the rest to the players. It’s not going to keep you occupied for long, but the kids will get a thrill out of it and it’s not bad for a rainy day should you happen to have some friends who are willing to jump in too.

The Amazing American Circus

Xbox One
Jake PlantSep 27, 2021
Despite the game growing on me once I learned the ropes, I can’t recommend this game in its current state. There are too many bugs and a few achievement glitches. There is a good amount of variety in the performers but learning how everything works can take some time. The game also starts to feel very tedious in the last area when all the performances are three acts long. If this circus comes to town I’d give it a pass unless they upgraded it. Right now only a matinee show would be worth checking out (if there was a discount).
Varnell HarrisSep 25, 2021
While it may be generally the same game as last year, If you skipped out on last year’s edition of NBA 2K this may be the year for you. Mechanically the game has improved and other than having to pay for VC to compete against other players I think you’ll find some enjoyment in playing My Career games or just with some friends.

Lost Judgment

Xbox Series X
Graham CameronSep 24, 2021
Lost Judgement is in my eyes a superb addition to the Yakuza series and is jam-packed with content. The graphics are great, the voice acting is great and the amount of activities that will distract you from the main quest is mind-blowing. It used the same formula which made its predecessors so much fun to play and improved on it. Even as dark and gruesome as the main story is there is always something around the corner in this game to put a smile back on your face.

Tails of Iron

Xbox One
Jake PlantSep 24, 2021
Overall Tails of Iron is an enjoyable experience. Action-RPG fans will find a lot to like here. I know some people don’t like 2D games, but everything here works well, especially the beautiful art and the combat. Some of the side quests can feel like a drag, but the main questline will draw you in and keep you hooked.


Carlos SantuanaSep 23, 2021
Overall, and if you want a new game to run around with friends and simply have a laugh whilst doing some basic, yet humorous jobs, then Embr will certainly tick the right boxes. Whilst some of the additional level types feel a bit tacked on, the general rescue missions are certainly enough to warrant a playthrough and whilst playing solo will quickly feel a bit repetitive, going for the full flame rating with friends is worthwhile.

Rover Mechanic Simulator

Xbox Series X
Carlos SantuanaSep 22, 2021
Overall, if you’re a fan of the other mechanic simulators and want something you aren’t likely to know about straight away, then Rover Mechanic Simulator is a good shout. It’s not the longest of games with an 8-10 hour playtime, but if you want something to simply play through at leisure, without all the excessive hustle and bustle of most games on the market at present, then this is certainly the tranquil experience you’ll be looking for.

Flynn: Son of Crimson

Xbox Series X
Jamie CollyerSep 21, 2021
Trusty ol’ Game Pass does it again. Flynn: Son of Crimson is a joy to play, look and and listen to. It’s difficulty is nicely paced (even if the bosses can give us a good kicking), there’s more to explore than meets the eye, and Studio Thunderhorse keep the game moving brilliantly with new powers and abilities dished out frequently. Whether you’re into these kind of retro adventures or not, Flynn is well worth a look.

Madden NFL 22

Xbox Series X
Ian WraySep 19, 2021
Madden 22 is the next year’s instalment on the franchise and I feel it’s gone back a step. Yes, it looks graphically better, but otherwise it’s really not that much different to previous instalments. The career mode is a roll-forward from previous years, as are the achievements. EA could do so much more with the Madden franchise and it’s a shame they haven’t executed it as well as I’d hope.

Bus Simulator 21

Xbox Series X
Carlos SantuanaSep 19, 2021
Overall, if you want to experience all the highs in the life of a bus company without any real punishments to worry about then Bus Simulator 21 is the game for you. It’s a surprisingly engaging experience when it all runs smoothly and there’s definitely fun to be had here as you begin connecting routes and districts together.