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Floppy Knights

NopargJun 28, 2022
Floppy Knights is a charming game with a decent amount of content for all types of players. Those looking for a refreshing and lighthearted experience are sure to find it here. With around eight hours of content to enjoy and the game being sold for $19.99/€16,79/£15.49, Floppy Knights is a very recommendable experience.

Neko Secret Room

SebastiaanRaatsJun 26, 2022
There is nothing challenging or redeeming about any of the gameplay, the artwork is mediocre at best and we honestly don’t understand how this was even approved for release on the eShop. Don’t get us wrong, our main problem with the game isn’t that it has nudity in it: replace the pictures of naked girls with pictures of cute kittens, for example, and our issues remain exactly the same.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm

JessicaJun 25, 2022
Happy’s Humble Burger Farm seems to be a hidden gem in the indie horror genre since it hasn’t earned the widespread attention other games in the genre have. This is a shame, because the terrifying truth of New Elysian City is a treat to uncover while you play, and the game mixes its horror and simulation elements well. The visuals might not be your cup of tea, but look past them and you’ll find a delightful game with an unsettling amount of potential to destroy your childhood. Hopefully, with the console port the game will lure even more players to this macabre fast-food joint.

SpellForce III Reforced

IbukiJun 25, 2022
SpellForce 3 Reforced is an amazing game to get on console – if you cannot get it on PC, or simply really prefer gaming on a console. This RPG and RTS hybrid experience just works perfectly, and we enjoyed playing through the original campaign, as well as the other modes. The only downside to getting the console version of this one is that the controls are just not that pleasant. That being said, the developers put in a lot of effort to make this grand-scale adventure playable on consoles, so it’s certainly still worth looking into.

Cosmos Bit

MC_JPJun 21, 2022
Cosmic Bit is another nice title from SEEP and a worthy entry in the arcade Bit series. The graphics look nice and 16-bit aesthetics make this title even more enjoyable thanks to the many colorful assets. The sounds and music are equally enjoyable and also feel like they were designed with 90s games in mind. The simple yet enjoyable gameplay makes the game very accessible, but keep in mind that the game will not be that easy to beat. The only mechanic that irked us slightly was perhaps the fact that we had to use our resources to be able to save the game. Even so, Cosmic Bit is a game we can easily recommend.

Dark Quest: Board Game

MasthoJun 20, 2022
Dark Quest: Board Game is not a great board game, nor is it a great computer game. While the atmosphere and art are amazing, the gameplay is not. There is a huge aspect of randomness that feels unfair and it also causes a lot of frustration. It is an okay game to play mindlessly when you’re looking for something in this specific genre, but we can’t see ourselves getting invested in this game for a longer period of time.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

IbukiJun 20, 2022
Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is a fun entry in the series, but we did find it a bit light on content when looking at the retail price of this one. This title proves to be enjoyable when you’re able to play against friends, as the AI is not a fun opponent, and when you’re a fan of playing online, this one will also be quite entertaining. Those looking for a fun single-player experience will probably end up quite disappointed due to the lack of content. Outside of earning a few coins for gear, there is nothing to truly work towards, and we also regret the lack of characters to choose from, but we reckon we’ll see more characters appear in paid DLC. All in all, this one is enjoyable, albeit extremely overpriced.


SebastiaanRaatsJun 19, 2022
Although Sephonie’s gameplay is definitely worth looking into, the disappointing audiovisual presentation and contrived story make the game a tough nut to crack before you get to the good stuff. We understand the idea behind the story that Sephonie wants to tell and why it touches upon certain themes, but the end result comes across as a mess. The gameplay does save it somewhat but ultimately, Sephonie doesn’t bring enough to the table to outright recommend it.

Wonder Boy Collection

IbukiJun 17, 2022
Wonder Boy Collection is a fun blast from the past. We had a lot of fun seeing these four old-school games be revamped for modern consoles, and the gameplay still held up quite nicely, especially considering the first game is already more than 35 years old. Fans of the original games, or even the newer iterations, will certainly have a great time playing through these classic titles. The added functions, such as the rewind function and the save states, are also a big bonus, especially for gamers who want to casually play through these games, or those who just simply want to finally beat these titles after decades of trying on the original consoles.


SebastiaanRaatsJun 16, 2022
It’s a charming little game but the gameplay does grow stale rather quickly and the QoL improvements don’t do enough to make the game’s shortcomings easier to swallow. Even if you’re on the fence, we suggest waiting until it inevitably pops up again in the next Neo Geo Pocket Color selection -which likely contains Card Fighters’ Clash and Big Bang Pro Wrestling as well- just so that you don’t need to double-dip in the future.

Cloud Gardens

IbukiJun 16, 2022
Cloud Gardens is an absolute zen-like delight that is only being held back by its clumsy and inaccurate controls. We found ourselves quite enthralled by the game’s setting and the compositions that we were trying to make. The concept of making dystopian art-like composition works, and the gameplay remains entertaining throughout the course of the game’s many levels. For its current price tag, you can’t really go wrong, but if you have no intention of playing this one in handheld mode, we suggest picking up the PC version instead.


SebastiaanRaatsJun 15, 2022
The gorgeous art direction, lengthy campaign, and high degree of replayability, combined with combat that required strategic thinking made for one of the better Metroidvania titles in recent memory. If the game’s technical performance can be improved with a patch or two down the line, then Souldiers on the Switch is going to be a must-have title. We can’t vouch for the game on other platforms, but if the aforementioned performance issues aren’t present there, you can easily bump up our final score with a point or two, as it reflects the technical issues present in the game at the time of review.

Pretty Girls Speed

IbukiJun 14, 2022
Pretty Girls Speed is entertaining to play in short bursts via the touchscreen controls, but it ends up being an extremely simple game. We understand the developer’s idea of using the pretty girls’ theme to create a buzz surrounding the title, but sadly, the theme doesn’t even feel very fleshed out. All in all, we found a fun and simplistic card game underneath the busty facade of Pretty Girls Speed, and it did have the right foundation to become something amusing. Sadly, due to the lack of a multiplayer feature and an actual goal to work towards, the game ends up becoming bland rather quickly.

Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 2

SebastiaanRaatsJun 14, 2022
While Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 2 definitely is a more enjoyable collection than Volume 1 was, that is something that can be attributed to the quality of the actual games themselves rather than to the efforts put into bringing the games to a modern platform. An option to speed up the grind would have gone a long way. Still, the excellent writing and lighthearted nature of the games present here makes for an easier recommendation.


IbukiJun 12, 2022
DEADCRAFT has a lot of potential, but sadly due to awful game design choices, this potential is never utilized. While we enjoyed playing with a half-zombie hybrid character as a protagonist, we were ultimately disappointed by the constant micromanaging of our character. The latter got to the point that the game became a chore rather than something relaxing. This, combined with subpar graphics, a bland story, and lackluster sound design, made the game quite underwhelming.

Salt and Sacrifice

NopargJun 12, 2022
Salt and Sacrifice is not what players of the original might expect and some will certainly be let down. The game focuses much more on grinding and boss fights than the original ever did, and those looking for a traditional Metroidvania will probably not find it here either. This, added to the more annoying design decisions, ultimately make the game a questionable recommendation for anyone but those who know what to expect. We did have quite a bit of fun with this one, but it didn’t feel like it was part of the same series as the original game.

POSTAL 4: No Regerts

Pimp Without The PeeJun 11, 2022
Even though we would like POSTAL 4 to be the best game ever that breaks all rules of decency, it really isn’t. The game is in no way optimized or decently programmed, and the story is also poorly written. The gameplay is disappointing, and the little fun we had was quickly overshadowed by all of the aforementioned issues.

Rogue Lords

IbukiJun 11, 2022
The game does not feel optimized, the controls are not pleasant to work with, and it just feels as if almost no effort was put into porting the game. We would have loved to see proper touchscreen controls for the Switch version, as these would have made the experience a lot more entertaining and user-friendly.

Lila’s Sky Ark

JessicaJun 10, 2022
Lila’s Sky Ark definitely proves Monolith of Minds has a solid grasp on what they’re doing, and they know what style of games works for them. Visually and with its stunning music this title doesn’t disappoint. Sadly, in terms of gameplay and storytelling, things could definitely be improved. It worked better in Resolutiion, since that game had a cohesive theme, but here it falls apart and the annoyances become a way bigger issue than they need to be.


IbukiJun 09, 2022
Soundfall is a fun rhythm game with fairly basic twin-stick shooter mechanics. The game truly shines when listening to the music, but the gameplay ends up becoming a bit boring the further you progress. The biggest problem with Soundfall is the lack of variety when it comes to the actual gameplay, perhaps even to the point that this game should have been a regular rhythm game.


SebastiaanRaatsJun 08, 2022
It’s impressive to see just how much Daisy Games could achieve within the self-imposed limitations of a minimalistic game like this. The game nails the aesthetics and the puzzles themselves are fantastic, with an elegant implementation of simple mechanics and QoL features that dramatically improve the game’s accessibility. Even so, it may still be a daunting title for casual puzzle fans, but that’s pretty much the only negative for what is an easy recommendation.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong

AnmajaJun 07, 2022
Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is a good puzzle RPG with a really interesting story, rooted deep within the lore of the Vampire: The Masquerade universe. It’s not perfect and some of the game mechanics are a bit underwhelming, but the puzzles are varied and inventive, the conversation options will lead you to interesting outcomes, and the use of skills fits well into the setting and the characters. The game lends itself well for multiple playthroughs and titillates the player to dig deeper into the world of Vampire: The Masquerade and the skill system of the role-playing setting.

Vengeful Heart

SebastiaanRaatsJun 07, 2022
The story is fantastic and really delivers an emotional impact -although it could have used some extra proofreading to weed out the textual errors- and although we really enjoy the visual style by itself, the overall lack of visual variety did get tiresome after a while. Additionally, the lack of interactivity made us doubt whether this story really needed to be told in the way that it is right now.

Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon

MC_JPJun 05, 2022
Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon is a really fun game that has you managing an oil platform. It is quite fun to finish large orders successfully and make your clients happy while earning a nice payout. There are eight levels to conquer, and if you get bored, you can always spend some time in the sandbox. The graphics are lovely and so are the music and sound effects. The game might look difficult at first, but once you cleared the tutorial, the game won’t have any more secrets for you.

Source of Madness

SebastiaanRaatsJun 05, 2022
Aesthetically, we can’t quite fault the game, although the story could use some more fleshing out, but the performance issues on Switch combined with repetitive gameplay and disappointing adaptive AI made for a game that is difficult to recommend. The potential certainly is there in theory, and perhaps in a couple of years Carry Castle will release a game that fully allows their ideas to shine.