57 Published Reviews

Frantic Shooter

Dan VlasicJul 06, 2016
Overall, Frantic Shooter is a fun and entertaining time killer with a lot of potential. We recommend it to any fan of the shmup genre. You can’t get too much of those games, you know.


Dan VlasicJun 30, 2016
_PRISM is a unique, beautiful and mesmerizing experience of a game. It may lack the hardcore difficulty some puzzle fans expect, but its visual supremacy makes up for the moderate challenge.


Dan VlasicJun 29, 2016
VOEZ is a top-notch music game with high production values, but its music appeals to specific audience fond of anime and Asian pop.

Transformers: Earth Wars

Dan VlasicJun 14, 2016
Transformers: Earth Wars is a decent game for the fans, but it's too much of the same old thing to enjoy it for a long time. With a ton of personality and style, it lacks something that would spice up the gameplay.

Nonstop Knight

Dan VlasicJun 13, 2016
Yes, it’s a time killer, but it’s a game done right. You can play it offline; it looks good; it’s addicting beyond any expectations. It manages to be rewarding enough to keep you coming back for more.

Bushido Bear

Dan VlasicJun 08, 2016
Overall, Bushido Bear is a fun sword-slashing game with excessively cute protagonists, great design and funny cutomizations. It’s also skill-based, so you will want to get better at it and ascend the leaderboards, unlock the new areas and more bear awesomeness. If a little more grinding than you would expect is not a problem, you will find Bushido Bear a rewarding experience. Some of you, however, might lose interest a little sooner than the game deserves. Try it – it’s full of charm and personality.

Vector 2

Dan VlasicMay 29, 2016
At the end of the day Vector 2 is a decent time killer for a couple of commute trips, but the lack of variety in maps, performance lag, the convoluted UI and in-game currencies and items that make no sense kind of pile up and make it a debatable fun.


Dan VlasicMay 26, 2016
If you like clever puzzles and prefer the indie side of the market, you should be playing Mekorama by now.

Dark Sword

Dan VlasicMay 24, 2016
Dark Sword is a hack and slash RPG with simplistic mechanics and nice looks. It's a nice time killer, but the novelty wears off quickly when you realize the depth is missing. In 15 minutes you will have seen all of it.

Hungry Shark World

Dan VlasicMay 17, 2016
Hungry Shark World is a guilty pleasure kind of game – brainless, bloody and toxic, which is why it's so popular.

Super Phantom Cat - Be a jumpin bro.

Dan VlasicMay 06, 2016
Super Phantom Cat is one of the must-have fresh releases this season for the fans of platformers.

Angry Birds Action!

Dan VlasicMay 04, 2016
Younger people will like it. Pinball fans will probably like it. It's a short-term thoughtless time killer that can be fun, but quickly gets boring as the novelty wears off.

Toby: The Secret Mine

Dan VlasicApr 19, 2016
Toby The Secret Mine is a solid platformer, with lots of puzzles to sort out, a vibrant and beautiful world to behold, and an engrossing gameplay.

Imago - Transformative Puzzle Game

Dan VlasicApr 12, 2016
Here is the bottom line – now that I look at my keyboard I feel the letter tiles don’t match and it obstructs my typing. So, yes, the game is highly addictive, well thought-through, clever, and beautiful.

YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble

Dan VlasicApr 02, 2016
Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble is an instant crush, even if you know nothing of the franchise, or don’t appreciate too much vanilla in your ice-cream. It’s pure awesomeness.

Super Arc Light

Dan VlasicMar 30, 2016
Super Arc Light is an addicting, fast and hard twitch game for the fans of the genre.

Groove Planet

Dan VlasicMar 22, 2016
Awesome music, good looks and fun gameplay make Groove Planet a must-have time killer.

Math Hopper

Dan VlasicMar 21, 2016
Math Hopper is a sweet math-based time killer perfect for short gameplay sessions on the go. It’s a nice brain workout for those who are good at math, even more so for those who have trouble counting fast. Practice makes perfect. We want to see it expand its reach and make an easy mode for the younger audience.


Dan VlasicMar 14, 2016
There you have it. Dirac is a sweet and unique dots connecting puzzler, perhaps the most beautiful dots-connecting game I have played in a long while. It’s up to you to see whether it has the potential to stick around for a good while. If you have been looking for the games that are similar to Osmos HD, Sparkle 3 Genesis or Prune, this can be it. All things considered, Mediocre have delivered a quality product once again.

Traffic Rider

Dan VlasicMar 10, 2016
Traffic Rider is one of the best new first-person motorbike racing games, and it’s worth trying. You can play it for free, with restrictions, but you can gradually unlock many of them. If you are impatient, you will have to figure out the best way to spend your money because the IAP system a little less transparent than it should be, and definitely overpriced at times, and the game lacks a single-purchase premium version. Other than that, it’s a polished and smooth experience with good graphics, fun gameplay and smooth controls.

Wizards and Wagons

Dan VlasicMar 08, 2016
The game itself is the economics challenge that might be hard for the mathematically impaired, but the overall experience is that of a solid, deep trade simulation with an immense durability.

Patchwork The Game

Dan VlasicFeb 26, 2016
Uwe Rosenberg's Patchwork is a solid, fairly deep and addicting board game with a mild learning curve and infinite replayability. Perfect for spouses, families, friends, online and offline play. Fun, peaceful and soothing, Patchwork is magic.


Dan VlasicFeb 23, 2016
Lonewolf 17+ is a definite success, a bullseye among sniper games so to speak. With an engrossing criminal drama in the background, you get to play through four chapters of intense, varied and challenging missions that will require different techniques and weapons to come through.

Clumzee: Endless Climb

Dan VlasicFeb 14, 2016
I tested it with a bunch of kids, and they, too, loved it as much as they used to love Cut the Rope Magic, Rayman Adventures and Smurfs Epic Run. So, if you are looking for a good family game, you can’t go wrong with this little gem.

Lost in Harmony

Dan VlasicFeb 10, 2016
Depressing, yet brilliant, Lost in Harmony features the power of love, death and beat in an engrossing gameplay. Try it.