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Night Call

Malindy HetfeldJul 17, 2019
There are a few passengers who fit Night Call's mood very well, like the maudlin Japanese businessman who you are supposed to communicate with without speaking his language, or Santa, who forgot where he parked his sleigh. With 70 characters, there's a lot of variety, but unfortunately there's also a lot of repetition between the procedurally generated runs. I commend Night Call for having so many stories, but they are told in flawed framework.

Sea of Solitude

James DavenportJul 12, 2019
Sea of Solitude is a gorgeous adventure that knows its way around mental illness, but doesn't make great use of the medium to tell its story.

Heavy Rain

Andy KellyJul 01, 2019
The story is genuinely interactive, with many branching paths and sudden deaths, as well as a slew of different endings. In that sense, I really enjoy playing it. But as a piece of storytelling, and as a murder mystery, it's really quite poor. When you're laughing at scenes that were meant to be powerfully dramatic and emotional, you know something has gone wrong. But for all its faults I'm glad to see it on PC, because there's an interesting game hiding in there somewhere, drowning in a storm drain, occasionally poking its head above the water for a gasp of air.

Steel Division 2

Jonathan BoldingJun 27, 2019
Steel Division 2 is a good game buried under layers of frustrating obfuscation and burdened with a poor single player experience. Every time I was close to getting fully immersed, a new, ugly problem reared up to distract me. The ambitious bones of a truly great game are here, but ultimately it's hard to recommend this to anyone but those who already love the series' unique multiplayer.


Tyler WildeJun 26, 2019
At its best when the screen is full of enemies, Amid Evil is a badass monster mash.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Malindy HetfeldJun 25, 2019
Bloodstained: ROTN faithfully recreates the metroidvania experience of the 2000s—a feast for fans of a very specific experience; a bit too old-fashioned for anyone else.

The Sinking City

Andy KellyJun 25, 2019
An occasionally entertaining detective game blighted by poor writing, rote combat, and a dreary open world.

My Friend Pedro

Jody MacgregorJun 24, 2019
Breezy fun that also rewards combo-chasing mastery. Barrel through the story once for a laugh, then replay the best levels until you are John Wick on a skateboard.

F1 2019 Anniversary Edition

Phil IwaniukJun 21, 2019
F1 2019 retains immaculate handling and visuals while adding cinematic spectacle and junior series racing.


Chris SchillingJun 07, 2019
Never quite the sum of its parts, Octopath Traveler is a game with brilliant moments rather than a brilliant game.

Warhammer: Chaosbane

Tom HatfieldMay 31, 2019
Mediocre and repetitive, there are far better options for action RPGs out there.

Outer Wilds

Phil SavageMay 29, 2019
Still, if Outer Wilds isn't as perfectly tight as Return of the Obra Dinn et al, it's because its interactions are broader and more interactive. It's a mystery that spans multiple worlds, after all, and untangling it is a delight.

Void Bastards

Samuel RobertsMay 28, 2019
I don't always love Void Bastards as a shooter, even if I really like everything around the shooting—the cadence of unlocking new tools and other rewards has a perfect power curve. It'll take around 13 or so hours to finish a single run, and even after doing that, you can carry on unlocking stuff and taking on harder enemies, or upping the difficulty. I'm considering another run, even though I spent so long sighing at enemy barks, or getting shot at by inexplicably placed turrets, or getting too close to exploding enemies without realising it.

Pathologic 2

Tom SeniorMay 28, 2019
Though I admire the way the game keenly rejects the idea that games should always be satisfying fun factories, I don’t see the worth in wrapping a good mystery in layers of irritant. The devs are planning to add difficulty options that should make the game a bit less crushing. Until then put off that spooky train ride home unless you’re sure you’ll enjoy Ice Pick Lodge’s original challenging vision for the game.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Malindy HetfeldMay 24, 2019
Visually beautiful and emotionally affecting thanks to strong characters, A Plague Tale suffers from missing gameplay variety and tonal inconsistencies.

Layers of Fear 2

Robert ZakMay 24, 2019
Layers of Fear 2 is a bloated beast, its early chilling atmosphere replaced by an attempt at psychoanalytical storytelling it doesn’t quite know how to handle. You can feel it reaching for something higher at times, as evidenced by some of the visually striking screenshots, but in the end just as it pays lip service to great ideas in horror and cinema while failing to anchor its own.


Andy KellyMay 21, 2019
A stylish, understated, and subtly chilling psychological thriller with a compelling mystery at its core.


T.J. HaferMay 17, 2019
High skill cap melee combat is equally rewarding and daunting, though the archery and support roles could use some work.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Jody MacgregorMay 16, 2019
That's the problem with there being so many Total War games at the moment. A new one comes out while the last two are still fresh in our memories. Three Kingdoms is a very good strategy game in which to experience 2nd century China, and I've spent dozens of enjoyable hours with it. When you zoom in close on the right details, whether it's two generals duelling or an enemy turning the vassal system against you, it's grand.


Andy KellyMay 14, 2019
Some of the best first-person shooting on PC, but the rest of the game struggles to keep up with it.

Rise of Industry

Tom HatfieldMay 04, 2019
Beautiful style, polished interactions, but ultimately it just runs out of things to do.

World War Z

Ian BirnbaumMay 03, 2019
In all things, World War Z takes ideas that I've already seen done better elsewhere, gives them an interesting little twist—and then makes that twist not matter. It treads familiar ground, but it's not as clever or fun as what's come before it.

Yakuza Kiwami 2

Phil SavageMay 02, 2019
Where Yakuza Kiwami felt like an expansion to Yakuza 0, Kiwami 2 is larger, fuller and more varied than Yakuza 6, its Dragon engine predecessor (which isn't available on PC—the series seemingly being ported in order of storyline). While I still slightly prefer Yakuza 0, this is well worth your time.

Katana ZERO

Lauren MortonApr 30, 2019
Thoughtfully-designed levels and versatile combat abilities make Katana Zero worthy of a rewind despite cookie-cutter characters.

Operencia: The Stolen Sun

Jody MacgregorApr 26, 2019
Operencia ended up being a game I wish I liked more. Its first half was enchanting and clever, but the second half was a slog and the main thing I gained from it was some trivia about a giant Hungarian owl with a weird copper wang who scares children.


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