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QUIJOTE: Quest for Glory

Howie HowardMay 23, 2022
Quijote: Quest for Glory is a nice little game and with a few alterations it could become a keeper. The graphics look good, background music sounds nice and of course the Spanish speaking is pure music to the ears. It seems to have a well developed story line as well. Quest for Glory is a budget game after all and very affordable so why not give it a try, just don't expect too much.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong

Quinn LevandoskiMay 22, 2022
Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong an intriguing experience that itches a certain scratch, but it's probably not for everyone. Those looking for something faster-paced are likely to feel that the exploration and dialogue are a bit slow for their liking, but players down for a just-hammy-enough supernatural soap opera that mirrors the tabletop game well will find a lot to love.

Fursan al-Aqsa: The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque®

Samuel CoreyMay 20, 2022
Fursan al-Asqa never falls into a comfortable routine and repeats itself. There's always another interesting mission objective or absurd cut-scene. It is far from a perfect game, but it is consistently engaging. Certainly worth checking out, if only for the novelty of it.

Super Toy Cars Offroad

Dan LenoisMay 13, 2022
It is theoretically possible that some of the issues mentioned here could be addressed, in some capacity, by the developers, but the amount of overhauling required to fully fix this confused and stumbling mess of a game is likely far greater than the effort this team of developers will realistically commit to. In their enthusiasm to race to the finish line, they produced a game that crashed and burned at launch.


Dan LenoisMay 07, 2022
House of the Dead: Remake, as a simple remaster, is an excellent example of what a remaster is supposed to be. It gives the original game a visual facelift while going to the extreme to not tamper with the familiar gameplay and aesthetic that long time fans have come to know and love.

Trek to Yomi

Justin Van HuyssteenMay 06, 2022
So, if you want a rather great combat system with a gorgeous aesthetic then give Trek to Yomi a try, but don’t expect a game that’s going to last dozens of hours. It has a story to tell, and that story is not very long.


Camrin SantchiMay 03, 2022
In all Chrono Cross is an intriguing cult classic brought back for fans old and new alike. Even despite the touch ups the graphics are clearly that of an older game thanks to the specific style that they chose when originally making Cross, and it isn’t a perfect remaster, some issues do appear in performance (FPS drops occur occasionally).

Golden Light

Samuel CoreyMay 01, 2022
Still, these complaints are relatively tame, especially given how striking Golden Light is otherwise. I doubt that it will be most people's cup of tea but for those out there that crave some disturbing, surreal horror, Golden Light is well worth its modest price.


William ThompsonApr 30, 2022
The cute visuals give the impression that Tentacular is one for the younger gamers. And to an extent it is, with the simple controls and some of the levels being ridiculously easy to complete. But the puzzle element to some of the levels and the exactness required for some of the movements of the two tentacles can mean that there is a requirement of deftness to much of the game. Although the story is somewhat lacking, it doesn’t take away from the gameplay.

Forgive me Father

Dan LenoisApr 26, 2022
Forgive Me Father is a perfectly competent first-person shooter that successfully manages to integrate a lot of elaborate elements, such as a fairly unique art style, as well as creating an engaging progression system, and has more than enough content to keep even a speedy player engaged for a decent length of time. However, where it falls short is in its implementation of the most basic details, such as sound design, hit registration, and level design.


Howie HowardApr 25, 2022
Teardown is a challenging game that requires a mindset to be able to plan and then carry out the strategy needed to solve puzzles...or you can just use the scorched earth tactic and destroy everything in your path.

Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between

Justin Van HuyssteenApr 18, 2022
The journeys have no beginnings or endings, they are simply open-ended locations filled with people to talk to while you take in the sights and sounds around you. The whole thing is simply a meditative experience. The car ride is especially soothing as you just sit there and watch the scenery go by. It would probably be absolutely fantastic in VR.


Camrin SantchiApr 15, 2022
Coromon is a game that takes clear inspiration but is assuringly not just an attempt at a cash grab. Coromon is clearly a passion project - one that is attempting to revitalize this subgenre of RPGs with knowledge gleaned from being fans of the genre and seeing what other fans have done. From self-imposed challenges to requests for additional quality of life updates, it is done remarkably well.


Camrin SantchiApr 12, 2022
Wobbledogs is meant to be a passive observation, watching the mutant pups wobble around and interact with their environment, but it can be pretty engaging to actively play with the pets. The music adds to the general pleasant but strange nature of the game, as do the bright colours. And the odd movements of the Dogs, from being flung by hamster tubes to creating shockingly large dens out of dirt, digging up toys or generally making a mess of their terrarium is oddly satisfying to behold.

Weird West

Ingvi Sn�dalApr 11, 2022
Weird West is a gem of a game with a dark, well-crafted world and an intriguing story featuring choices that carry actual weight. It's not perfect – no indie game is – and I've experienced my fair share of bugs while playing it (nothing game-breaking, though).

WWE 2K22

Dan LenoisApr 10, 2022
WWE 2K22 does have a card-based deckbuilding game mode, and one of the only ways to get new cards is by purchasing them outright. The only justification for this not being pay-to-win is that the player only gains an advantage against the game's AI, rather than against a fellow human player.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

William ThompsonApr 07, 2022
The humorous banter between characters keeps the mood light as do the vibrant colours in the wonderfully designed medieval lands. The spellcraft fits in wonderfully well within the setting and accentuates the enjoyment of the gunplay and all the looting that is customary for a Borderlands title. Dungeons and Dragon (Lords) has never been so much fun.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

Dan LenoisApr 05, 2022
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is an enjoyable but fairly unremarkable simulation game that is held up in large part by its steady progression system and fairly extensive game mechanics, but is conversely held back by the lack of optimization, the sometimes unbearably-poor lighting system, and a series of other bugs affecting both the gameplay and the world design.

GhostWire: Tokyo

Samuel CoreyApr 03, 2022
Ghostwire: Tokyo is not a bad game by any standard. It's pretty, it's fun, and it follows a formula that has proven to be successful even if it's overdone by this point. As I played through it for this review I found myself alternating between enjoying myself and being frustrated with its shortcomings. There is a potentially brilliant horror/detective game buried under all the superfluous side quests and pointless collectibles, and each time I caught a glimpse of it, I find myself wondering about what could have been.


Justin Van HuyssteenMar 31, 2022
There is a puzzle room auto-complete feature for accessibility reasons. This is a great thing! But it should be used for when you get stuck, not because the game has broken. However, if you like some good, challenging puzzles, Aethernaut definitely worth a try, but maybe wait till a few patches have come out and the game has stabilised somewhat.

Elden Ring

Quinn LevandoskiMar 25, 2022
I definitely felt more comfortable with my character, but each new area and enemy reminded me how fragile I really am. I can't say if Elden Ring will be something genuinely new or more of the same to players who have already battled through the other From Software titles, but playing it felt to me like something I haven't experienced before.


Howie HowardMar 24, 2022
Graphics in Buccaneers! is simple in nature but their clear low count poly styled polygons are visually appealing and colourful. As an added bonus the developers added a VR option. Although it is not required to play the game, it certainly adds some added fun for those with a supported headset.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Camrin SantchiMar 22, 2022
A good amount of characters have at least one gimmick or trick, like Ken having Kuromaru doggedly pursue his foes, or Naoto or Aegis keeping track of how many bullets they have before reloading. They even have Insta-Kill abilities, and fortunately there are both Training and Lesson modes so gamers don’t need to worry about struggling with a learning curve when learning combos or certain odd mechanics.


Camrin SantchiMar 11, 2022
Monark is full of dark themes, contemplations of Ego and Desire and what they mean, what makes someone truly human, and if or when they should set aside their Desires. Accompanied by a soundtrack filled with catchy J-Pop/Rap music from the V-Tuber group Kamitsubaki, and a team of developers fresh off the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series, Monark is a game that I had high hopes for.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Samuel CoreyMar 10, 2022
There is fun to be had here, but aside from a few moments of joyous parkour, it's the sort of fun you can have in dozens of other open-world games. There is certainly some added fun in co-op with a couple of friends, but in a world where we get another open-world game every week, I just cannot recommend anyone go out and buy Dying Light 2 at full price.