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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

PCPS4Xbox One
Collin MacGregorOct 08, 2019
Shadowkeep may not be the best expansion in Destiny 2’s history, but it’s a loud declaration about what to expect in the future. There’s no better time to pick a Ghost, grab a gun, and shoot some aliens. Destiny 2’s fourth major expansion is a terrific addition for both new and old players.
Elton JonesOct 08, 2019
The return of GRID is largely a success. The racing itself stays fun throughout thanks to a clever Nemesis System, a nice variety of car classes and events that’ll keep you busy for months on end and a revised car handling model that caters to both types of racing game fans. The thrill of zipping across each track alongside your teammate as you outrun your most hated rivals and push your way to the front of the pack never loses its luster. However, the lack of a more extensive car customization system is still a sore spot.


Xbox One
Elton JonesOct 07, 2019
The game’s beautiful art style comes to life as each carefully crafted frame for character actions appears onscreen. What’s delivered here is a throwback to a classic era of RPG’s that’s been sorely missed – Indivisible taps into the addictive battle system, unique cast of characters and standout music classic Square Enix RPG’s were celebrated for. Indivisible is a passion project that’s just as great as it was promised to be.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Xbox One
Elton JonesOct 04, 2019
Ghost Recon Breakpoint gets in its own way far too often. The intriguing plot becomes an afterthought thanks to lame cutscenes, exploring the gorgeous island of Aurora loses its luster due to the tired Ubisoft open-world formula and the pay-to-win mechanics blatantly cater to anyone who’s sick of taking on destructive drones. You’ll experience moments within this military shooter that inspire a little bit of confidence. But those fleeting moments of fun quickly dissipate as the game’s unfinished feel and lack of polish spring up far too often.

Contra: Rogue Corps

Xbox One
Elton JonesSep 24, 2019
Konami continues to dig itself deeper into a hole of irrelevance with trainwrecks like Contra: Rogue Corps. The first few missions point to a solid shooter that you hope will improve over time. But those hopes are quickly dashed away thanks to recycled enemies, boring stage layouts, bullet sponge bosses with predictable attack patterns and unimpactful gunplay. A current-gen rendition of Contra with top-down, twin-stick shooter mechanics sounds like a great idea. But Contra: Rouge Corps’ shoddy execution proves that a project such as this one is better left in more capable hands.

Borderlands 3

Collin MacGregorSep 18, 2019
Borderlands 3 is a complicated game to recommend. It’s a technical mess that is flooded with bugs and sports some pretty mediocre writing at times. On the other hand, it boasts terrific gameplay, characters, and endgame content. If it wasn’t so marred by glitches, it would be an easy contender for game of the year. While we are sure this game is a perfect evolution for the Borderlands formula, we wish Gearbox spent a bit more time polishing the product.

Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne

Jack FennimoreSep 13, 2019
Basically, if you love Monster Hunter World, this is more Monster Hunter World. If you don’t like Monster Hunter World, this isn’t going to change your mind. As someone who falls in the former category, I am so happy for this expansion and I can’t wait to pour even more hours into this game than I already have.


Xbox One
Elton JonesSep 04, 2019
The Coalition has simply knocked it out of the park with Gears 5. A more-open ended campaign, the introduction of Arcade and Escape, and the cool changes added to Horde mode stand out as this sequel’s finest aspects. All of this worthwhile content is made even better thanks to the always enjoyable cover-based shooting mechanics and varied weapons locker Gears of War is known for. Gears 5 weaves an awesome tale and makes sure to keep you entertained long after the credits roll.

Blair Witch

PCXbox One
Collin MacGregorAug 30, 2019
At its best, Blair Witch is a short, but haunting experience that both honors the franchise, while expanding upon its lore. Even with some mediocre combat and puzzle sequences, Blair Witch’s story is captivating from start to finish. Bullet is absolutely adorable and Ellis serves as a complex, but fascinating player character. While it may take a little time to get going, this moody, atmospheric horror game will have you looking over your shoulder.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Elton JonesAug 28, 2019
The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan still manages to deliver a worthwhile romp through a supernatural horror film. You’ll grow to love every member of your seafaring crew as you rack your brain trying to pick the options that’ll keep them all in one piece. As a horror game, it succeeds in scaring the crap out of you and raising your heart rate at regular intervals. A few awkward facial animations, bouts of annoying slowdown, and ugly looking textures take Man of Medan down a few pegs. But all in all, Supermassive’s start to their interactive horror anthology kicks things off in impressive fashion.


Elton JonesAug 26, 2019
Control is a pretty impressive third-person action romp that’s held up by a far-out story, strong visuals/audio, and a reliance on telekinetic powers that make combat and exploration all the more interesting. Jesse’s first day as Director of the Federal Bureau of Control is filled with likable personalities, challenging enemy encounters, clever puzzles, and paranormal mysteries. All of these elements combine to give gamers one of 2019’s most engrossing single-player adventures. Technical issues aside, Control is another top-notch Remedy experience.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Xbox One
Elton JonesAug 20, 2019
Remnant: From the Ashes came out of nowhere and pleasantly surprised this reviewer with a quality good time. Running around ravaged worlds with two trustworthy allies and combatting all manner of baddies is more fun than it has any right to be. The massive locales you get to explore, the many secrets you regularly uncover, and the balanced challenge this game presents you with must be applauded. What sticks out like a sore thumb though is Remnant’s mid-grade visuals and lackluster audio presentation.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Xbox One
Elton JonesJul 29, 2019
Wolfenstein: Youngblood comes off better than expected. It retains the top-notch gunplay, standout humor, and wonderfully designed stages of the rebooted entries in the series. The way it incorporates light RPG mechanics and a non-linear approach to stage progression are also commendable. However, Youngblood’s lack of a moving tale and less prominent cinematic touch is disappointing. Plus the game’s constantly repeating side missions and non-endearing microtransactions are also a sore spot. Even still, Youngblood’s fun factor and co-op gameplay make it a worthwhile summer blockbuster experience.

Blazing Chrome

Elton JonesJul 11, 2019
Blazing Chrome’s premise is simple. And that’s why it’s such a blast to play. Shooting down an entire robot army with machine guns, lasers, grenade launchers, and more never gets old. And doing it with a fellow freedom fighter makes that scenario even more worthwhile.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Elton JonesJun 27, 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’s promise of a triumphant return to the era of classic Castlevania has been fulfilled. Koji Igarashi and the developers at ArtPlay have crafted an engrossing side-scrolling Metroidvania title that’s powered by fun battle mechanics, a sense of deep exploration, and a strong story. There’s a few rough patches present throughout that keep it from fulfilling its true potential, however. Even still, Bloodstained is proof that games of its ilk can still matter in today’s age of gaming.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Elton JonesJun 25, 2019
Adventure Mode’s difficulty will definitely drive you up a wall at certain intervals. But the constant reward progression and presence of online multiplayer will quickly calm you down and make you feel joyous all over again. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a must-have racer that’s perfect for longtime fans and curious newcomers alike.

Samurai Shodown

Elton JonesJun 24, 2019
While it features one of the more intimidating fighting game systems in recent memory, learning the in’s and out’s of Samurai Shodown is immensely rewarding. As far as fighting game reboots go, Samurai Shodown does a great job of pleasing its loyal fanbase and featuring new mechanics that change it for the better.

My Friend Pedro

Collin MacGregorJun 20, 2019
DeadToast Entertainment has crafted a unique, absorbing action game that is exploding with awe-inspiring violence. Battling your way through hordes of goons never gets old, especially once you get a handle for My Friend Pedro’s combat system. Despite the lackluster story and additional modes, this 4-hour adventure is some of the most fun I’ve had in a 2D side-scroller. My Friend Pedro is an unapologetic love-letter to every absurd Hollywood shootout.

Team Sonic Racing

Elton JonesMay 23, 2019
What kills some of the fun is the half-baked team racing mechanics, uninspired collection of weapons you’ll be forced to use during each race, and the waste of a story being told in Team Adventure mode. While this racer is passable to some extent, its problems will make fans yearn for a true sequel to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed. Here’s hoping that Sumo Digital makes it way back to what worked so well in the first place.


Collin MacGregorMay 15, 2019
Your enjoyment of rage 2 will heavily depend on how much fun you have with the game’s combat. even with the boring story and blad characters, the moment to moment gameplay is some of the best in the fps genre. rage 2 is a bright spectacle set in a very dangerous and vicious world. if you embrace the chaos there’s a lot of fun to be had, but for those wanting a deep, narratively engaging experience i suggest you look elsewhere.

Mortal Kombat 11

Xbox One
Elton JonesApr 22, 2019
If this is truly NetherRealm Studio’s franchise swan song, then Mortal Kombat as a whole couldn’t have gone out on a better note. Simply put, Mortal Kombat 11 is a series and genre triumph worth playing over and over again.

Dangerous Driving

Xbox One
Elton JonesApr 08, 2019
three fields entertainment’s passion for its past work on the burnout series can be seen and felt throughout every bit of dangerous driving. arcade racing game fans will come and ultimately stay for the manic speed, outlandish crashes, and satisfying assortment of car classes and events. what knocks this racer down a few pegs are the dated visuals and disappointing lack of basic features that every current-gen racer should include on day one. burnout fans who want to revisit the series pre-paradise will love everything dangerous driving offers. but it’s hard to look past the nagging issues and missing features that could have pushed dangerous driving past the competition.

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

Xbox One
Elton JonesMar 28, 2019
Diehard Power Rangers fans and gamers who appreciate team-based fighters will take to this game and enjoy its efficient combat mechanics. This fighter would have been even more worthwhile if a bigger budget and more development time was a part of the equation. As it is now, Battle for the Grid is a fun fighter that’s hampered by its incredibly low budget feel.

SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice

Collin MacGregorMar 22, 2019
while the story could have used a bit more focus and build up, sekiro’s hauntingly beautiful world will instantly pull you in. this is more than just “dark souls in japan,” but a captivating, cold, and satisfying experience. sekiro: shadows die twice easily cements itself as one of the best modern action/adventure games of the generation.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Xbox OnePS4PC
Collin MacGregorMar 18, 2019
Even with its uninspired bosses, boring characters, and comically bland story, The Division 2 stays afloat thanks to its terrific gameplay. While we wish this title used its plot for more than a simple backdrop, it’s hard to deny how much fun battling through the streets of Washington D.C. was. The Division 2 is the new gold standard for online action/RPGs.


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