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Sam BishopJul 22, 2019
In fact, the entire upgrade and customisation system is surprisingly deep, and we were grateful that it was layered on gradually. As well as upgrading attacks you can give you characters XP cubes to level up; visit the Lab to unlock elements of a skill tree to improve stats; and assign and modify ISO-8s, which are crystals designed to give specific in-game advantages, sometimes in exchange for lowering another stat. There's a lot to fiddle with, and you'll spend a lot of time in the menus tweaking your team, but it's all worth it when you take your improved squad out into the fight.


Kieran HarrisJul 19, 2019
Its presentation is top-notch with an excellent soundtrack to match, and the mechanic of being able to shift the world around us to manipulate the pull of gravity we felt was a novel one. It is, however, disappointingly short and only lasts roughly three hours, and some of the puzzles left us feeling misguided and lost, which resulted in a lot of backtracking and even some trial and error.

The Fate of Atlantis Episode 3 - Judgment of Atlantis

PCPS4Xbox One
Eirik Hyldbakk FuruJul 18, 2019
Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Judgment of Atlantis shows how far the franchise has come in just a few months and we can't wait to see what Ubisoft will do when they get years to polish, tweak some of the less than stellar mechanics, and introduce some new ideas to the series.

Dr. Mario World

Mike HolmesJul 18, 2019
We're not going to grumble any more because it is what it is, and to blame Nintendo for the pitfalls of free-to-play gaming wouldn't be entirely fair. What is fair to say, however, is that Dr. Mario World is a good puzzle game held back by difficulty spikes and a free-to-play system designed to squeeze a few extra pennies out those who get sucked in.

Night Call

Lisa DahlgrenJul 17, 2019
If you couldn't tell, we had a great time with Night Call. The visuals work incredibly well with both the narrative and the feel of the game, immersing the player from start to finish and the investigations are well-put-together and fun to conclude. If you're looking for a game to get lost in or if you're looking to do some investigative work in a noir setting, Night Call is a great game for you to check out.

Dandy Dungeon - Legend of Brave Yamada -

Sam BishopJul 16, 2019
The more we played Dandy Dungeon and the more layers were introduced, the more captivated we became by its simple yet effective mix of RPG progession and roguelike dungeons. There was always something fun to do without being intimidating, even to the point where we enjoyed the puzzle of working out the best route to clear a dungeon and get a good ranking. It's an underlooked RPG that is made for playing on the go, making it a great fit for the Switch, and anyone who wants something different should look no further.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

PCPS4SwitchXbox One
Lisa DahlgrenJul 16, 2019
It may sound like we're being overly harsh, but ultimately it left us feeling a little underwhelmed, especially considering the source material it's based on. It is satisfying to relive the moments from the great, '80s nostalgia-driven TV show and the design, the narrative and the music all present a pretty package that is relatively fun to play, especially in local co-op. The thing that bugs us it the oversimplification of it all.

Streets of Rogue

Mike HolmesJul 15, 2019
There are more than enough positives to recommend Streets of Rogue to people who like these kinds of games, and there's plenty of one-more-try appeal. Our main disappointment, when it's all said and done, is that our hopes went through the roof when we first heard the game's crowd-pleasing premise, and the final product didn't quite live up our lofty, perhaps unrealistic expectations.

Mini-Mech Mayhem

Kieran HarrisJul 12, 2019
Mini-Mech Mayhem is another decent exclusive for Sony's VR headset and we had a great time with it despite a few flaws in terms of its controls and presentation. Predicting our opponent and their moves and watching our chain of actions play out and result in victory felt awfully satisfying and we enjoyed toying with the various customisation options and the range of game-altering interceptions. We did find it disappointing though that there was only one board and setting and that the online community has already dwindled just a few short weeks after launch.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Ben LyonsJul 11, 2019
With this being said, few games have offered a world as diverse, charming, and unique as the one present in Dragon Quest Builders 2, making for a great experience for players new and old alike.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers

Søren SvanhofJul 10, 2019
As a package, Shadowbringers adds to the changes Stormblood put into motion and offers new, challenging (and very good) dungeons and trials, an interdimensional narrative and a general, solid overhaul to the game that should stand the test of time. We are sold and any fan of online role-playing should get excited.

MotoGP 19

Johan VahlströmJul 10, 2019
MotoGP is a truly reliable simulation series, but this instalment just doesn't take enough steps forward to reach the next level and to keep it fresh. The career mode isn't anything that'll revolutionise the market, but it's still a mode we could spend countless hours in. The game is incredibly challenging and you won't get anything without putting a great amount of effort in, but when you reach a good level of skill by practising, Valentino Rossi himself couldn't even ruin the fun you'll have.

Heavy Rain

Lisa DahlgrenJul 06, 2019
Other than that, however, the PC version runs smoothly, has the same gripping narrative, the same intense and satisfying gameplay, and the same intriguing cast of characters, but should you play it we recommend you do so with a controller because using a mouse and keyboard isn't the best way to experience this thrilling adventure.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Kieran HarrisJul 05, 2019
Wizards Unite is a solid effort at adapting the familiar formula of Pokémon Go to the magical world of Harry Potter. We found the different professions added a lot of depth to cooperative PvE encounters and the AR here really helped to immerse us with its more realistic and expressive designs. We did, however, find some of the Foundables to be bland and things did stray a little too close to what we have seen already in Pokémon Go. That being said, there's a solid foundation here and we only expect this improve as multiple updates are introduced.

Sea of Solitude

PCPS4Xbox One
André LamartineJul 05, 2019
To recap, this EA title doesn't quite live up to our expectations, even though there's a somewhat timeless and romantic aura around Kay's psychological expedition. Upon starting the game up, it's almost mesmerising to steer Kay into uncharted waters, but after meeting the first big monster it almost feels like the story concludes - a story that, by the way, had potential to actually yank the heartstrings of players everywhere.

Outer Wilds

PCXbox One
Kristian Greiner ÅdnesenJul 04, 2019
Of course, the flaws are tiny flaws at best, because you don't play Outer Wilds for its characters or narrative, but for the fantastic adventure and all the wonderful places you get to explore. By stripping down the vastness of the universe, Mobius Games has managed to create something more special than games No Man's Sky and Elite: Dangerous were able to with infinite worlds at their fingertips. The moral of the story is simple - bigger is not always better.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

SwitchPCPS4Xbox One
Sergio FigueroaJul 03, 2019
After so many years of waiting for a new Castlevania game, we can say that Koji Igarashi has delivered a good one, even if it does arrive with a different name. Bloodstained is fun to play, easy to engage with, and full of content. Some rough edges and a silly story forced us to focus on the gameplay, but that worked out alright for us.

They Are Billions

Roy WoodhouseJul 03, 2019
All in all, with all the potential it had, They Are Billions didn't quite deliver on its promise. It was obviously designed for the PC and suffered from a UI that would've worked better on a monitor. Aside from being overly difficult at times, we did have quite a bit of fun here, and this one is definitely more for hardcore RTS players out there.

Trover Saves the Universe

Ketil SkotteJul 02, 2019
Although none of the gameplay elements rise above mediocre, Trover Saves the Universe could easily have become a fantastic experience. The narrative is definitely leaning towards bizarre with its improvisational dialogue and raving monologues. Unfortunately, Trover and the rest of the characters aren't quite funny enough to save the game, as it ends up feeling like an extended sketch from the interdimensional television channels from Rick & Morty with some standard platforming sections added.

We. the Revolution

PS4SwitchXbox OnePC
Sam BishopJul 02, 2019
As a whole We. The Revolution is a bitter look into one of the most violent yet underrepresented periods in history. It's not perfect, but the courtroom drama and the deep story help create this immersive world where you're always at risk, and where the weight of the world is on your shoulders. There's a moral dilemma around every corner, and we're still left wondering what might have been if we'd chosen a different path through this take on history.


Ben LyonsJun 29, 2019
Overall, Perchang is a solid addition to the puzzle genre on Switch, bringing new physics-based mechanics to a saturated market. Genre fans will likely enjoy the game, although it could have done with more content and fewer difficulty spikes, which are the main issues that impact this simple and otherwise easy to understand title.


Xbox One
Kerry-Lee CopseyJun 28, 2019
Weapons can be as ridiculous as stabbing your enemy with an upvote arrow, slapping them around with a giant cartoon hand, or opening fire using a gun filled with rainbows. The types of weapons are differentiated by speed and damage, which helps keep combat fresh with up to five slots in your inventory to fluidly switch between. The only issue with this is that there aren't any weapon stats provided when making the decision to pick up something new.

Ring of Elysium

Mike HolmesJun 28, 2019
Our feeling is that Aurora Studio has tried to make a battle royale that appeals to all players, but as the old saying goes, it has become a jack of all trades but a master of none. Ring of Elysium is a polished and fully-featured battle royale that's comparable to PUBG in terms of style and execution, but in the grand scheme of things, it falls just short of greatness in a genre already dominated by titans.

F1 2019 Anniversary Edition

PS4Xbox OnePC
Graham BellarsJun 27, 2019
There are also some mid-season changes to contracts which can really change up your calendar. Perform well enough and you might just get an offer to switch teams and increase your chances of becoming the world's No.1.

Samurai Shodown

PCSwitchPS4Xbox One
Kieran HarrisJun 27, 2019
This is still a great foundation that SNK has laid out and we only expect things to improve with the arrival of season pass content and upcoming patches.


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