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Red Dead Redemption 2

Kim OrremarkNov 14, 2019
The PC version or Red Dead Redemption 2 is wonderful. If you have a machine that can manage it, it's undoubtedly the best system to play the game on. The graphical quality on show in this new PC version is a step ahead of what was achieved on console, and considering that the game looks stunning on console (especially on the Xbox One X), that's quite the accomplishment on Rockstar's part.


Kalle Max HofmannNov 14, 2019
Stormland already is a must-have for Oculus owners. What's more, it's good enough that players who own a decent gaming rig should really consider taking the plunge into VR so they can play it. It's not often that we come across such a gem of a game, no matter the platform. Also, isn't Christmas around the corner? What a huge coincidence!

Pokémon Shield

Magnus Groth-AndersenNov 13, 2019
Pokémon Sword/Shield innovates by having one foot resting in the essence of what makes the Pokémon universe what it is today, while having the other dipped into new waters, introducing new mechanics where innovation really matters. The result is an experience that feels magnificent and truly epic while not straying too far from its core. It's a pity that the Wild Areas feel somewhat deserted and that the Dynamaxing is a bit too simplified, but make no mistake - Sword/Shield is still a journey that most Switch owners should consider embarking on.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

Mike HolmesNov 12, 2019
Overall, the niggles are relatively minor and for the most part, we are pleased with how this little nostalgia trip has come together. For dedicated players, there's an almost overwhelming amount of content to play through, from custom matches where anything is possible, through to authored campaigns that explore history from a variety of angles. The high def textures work wonders and Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is a pleasingly retro reimagining.

New Super Lucky's Tale

Sam BishopNov 12, 2019
In an era of tough competition in the 3D platformer space, New Super Lucky's Tale manages to stand out with this reinvigorated version of the 2017 adventure. There's new content aplenty and a fresh layer of polish, meaning this is arguably the best way to experience Playful's game. It's still fun, it's still colourful, and all the family can enjoy it, which is the sign of any good platformer.

Abandon Ship

Mike HolmesNov 11, 2019
We enjoyed the theme and the atmosphere, although the repetitious combat and harsh save system took the edge off. That's not a wholehearted recommendation, then, but if you enjoyed FTL and you're a sucker for Pirates of the Caribbean then we'd advise you to take a closer look because, despite some limitations, Abandon Ship is a polished and engaging adventure.


Petter HegevallNov 09, 2019
Monomals is fun, a lot of fun, in fact. It's charming, unique, silly and addictive in a way which very few Apple Arcade games have been so far. The mobile gaming world needs more of this and we think that you need some Monomals in your life.

Planet Zoo

Sam BishopNov 08, 2019
After Planet Coaster it seemed guaranteed that Planet Zoo would deliver the goods, and it certainly has done. Those looking for a modern take on zoo management should definitely give this a go because, even while it's a bit fiddly and can be overwhelming at times, it's a friendly and educational game that lets you pull the strings behind the scenes of your very own zoo, all while looking a cute and cuddly animals too. What's not to love?

Need for Speed Heat

PCPS4Xbox One
Daniel AndersenNov 08, 2019
In short, we think Need for Speed Heat is a step in the right direction for the series. The one draw-back for us was the idiotic manoeuvres of the AI-controlled cars, otherwise, we enjoyed most of the content it offered and we can finally say that we're excited once again about what the future holds for the franchise.


PCXbox One
Mike HolmesNov 07, 2019
In the best cinematic side-scrollers, things come together with a satisfying moment of realisation, that split-second where everything makes sense and context adds dimension and purpose to your journey. At the end of our time with Stela, all we were left with was the frustration that this promising title ended up being an impressive-looking yet ultimately soulless clone. It could have been so much more.

Ring Fit Adventure

Jonas MäkiNov 07, 2019
To summarise, Ring Fit Adventure is by far the best workout game we've tried. Those who loved Wii Fit may well think that the game is too much of just that, a game, while others (like us) will appreciate the sense of atmosphere that really does make you forget that you're working out. The game is also lovely in terms of audio and visual design, which certainly helps. Ring Fit Adventure is a great game with lots to offer that will result in a near-brutal amount of burnt calories across the gamer world.

Monaco: Complete Edition

Mike HolmesNov 06, 2019
A rich and distinctive visual identity is complemented by a stellar soundtrack that enhances the playful tone and moment-to-moment experience. Moreover, there's a huge amount of content (including a survival campaign and an ultra-hard mode) for what we think is a perfectly respectable price - it's £13.49, which is a steal if you ask us. It might not feel as fresh as it did back in the day, but the single-player is great fun and the size of the levels makes it a good "on the go" game if you're fond of taking your Switch with you on your commute.

Monkey King: Hero Is Back

Ben LyonsNov 06, 2019
One genuinely good part of the experience is the visuals. Monkey King: Hero is Back is flawed in some ways, yet the game does look pretty great. It's just a shame then that Monkey King: Hero is Back is an otherwise exhausting experience that features too many poorly implemented mechanics and enough loading screens to break the spirit of an eternal optimist. The combat is boring, repetitive and requires no skill to conquer, and isn't helped by the limited enemy variety.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Kieran HarrisNov 05, 2019
We did find the lack of Dream events a little disappointing though, and we do wish that additional characters could have been added to the roster and not locked behind specific events. That said, Tokyo 2020 is a solid minigame collection that marks a promising start for the series on its new home on the Switch.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

PCPS4Xbox One
Ben LyonsNov 03, 2019
All in all, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a tough bike racer that features a variety of challenges and relaxing, alluring levels. The physics engine that powers your bike is strong, however, the challenge of manipulating the bike when the controls are repeatedly flipping is difficult to manage and a little frustrating at times. With this being said, each of the gorgeous mountains will not hesitate to fascinate as you blast down them at a gnarly speed.


PCSwitchPS4Xbox One
Claus LarsenNov 01, 2019
To summarise, Afterparty is a fun, bite-sized experience that lacks interactivity. The riddles are tremendously easy and the game almost plays itself. However, the story is really well-written, the graphics are great and the music is bold and fitting. It's a perfect game to try if you're not looking to interact too much and it offers plenty of personality to keep one interested.

Death Stranding

Sam BishopNov 01, 2019
With the focus on delivery and cargo at its core, Death Stranding certainly won't be for everyone, especially at the beginning, but there's so much more here than being a delivery boy. It offers a mind-bending narrative the likes of which you won't find anywhere else, and one that constantly rewards you and makes you think long after you've put it down to do something else. Kojima fan or not, this is certainly a game to remember.

Heave Ho

Mike HolmesOct 31, 2019
Heave Ho offers plenty of accessible fun. It's a simple concept that's hard to master, like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, Manual Samuel or even Human Fall Flat, but with a simpler, more accessible style that should draw in gamers of all ages. It can be a pain at times, and we found playing on the Switch in handheld mode was a literal pain as we had to keep the triggers depressed for so long while also carrying the weight of the console, but on the big screen Heave Ho is a fantastic little party game that everyone will enjoy until they hate it.

Song of Horror

Lisa DahlgrenOct 31, 2019
We did note some frame rate issues, however, more frustrating were certain instances where we felt misled and where we permanently lost characters that we would have liked to have kept alive. That said, the frame-rate issues weren't too distracting and the misleading sequences can technically be seen as an added layer of immersion through trickery. A few blemishes aside, Episode 1 of Song of Horror is a solid horror experience with a unique twist, but it's also a love letter to horror adventures of old.

Ice Age Scrat's Nutty Adventure!

PS4SwitchXbox One
Roy WoodhouseOct 30, 2019
All in all, we felt like this was a bit of a missed opportunity. It had potential and we feel with a bit of polish, some variety, and more of a challenge, it could have had much broader appeal. The youngest of gamers might get something out of this, but if you are looking for a 3D platformer for all the family, maybe look at games that offer a sterner test and greater replayability.

WWE 2K20

PS4Xbox OnePC
Johan VahlströmOct 30, 2019
The graphics are bad, plenty of bugs are present, the career mode is laughable, and it's simply not fun in the ring. There's not a thing that makes this game good. There are games that are bad and there are games that are broken - WWE 2K20 is both. It may not be as bad as the fiasco that was WWE 2K18 for Switch, but it's not far from it.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Ben LyonsOct 28, 2019
In conclusion, Luigi's Mansion 3 is a great sequel to Dark Moon that brings all the best ghost hunting features and builds on them with interesting, fun mechanics. The storyline is charming and feels constantly fresh due to the differently styled floors and the variety of ghosts, and that's before even taking into account what Gooigi brings to the table. Even more so, the party modes in ScarePark and ScareScraper add another dimension to the title that pushes it beyond being a solitary adventure and instead gives it the potential to be enjoyed by a group, locally or online.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Xbox One
Jonas MäkiOct 28, 2019
We've had a lot of fun playing PopCap's PvZ games and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville brings back some of the joy that the original brought to the table. It has something for everyone to enjoy and it's intense, exciting, hectic and surprisingly hard to put down once you get into it. There is, however, room for improvement, and we hope that the aforementioned flaws are fixed soon.


Ingar Takanobu HaugeOct 27, 2019
Doraemon Story of Seasons might not be the game generating the most buzz this season, but it's certainly a nice entry for Doraemon in the Western video game market. The combination of well-established characters and farming simulation is excellent, and the result is a charming and relaxing game. It might not have the same depth you find in similar games like Stardew Valley, but if the pixelated art style of the latter is not your cup of tea, Doraemon Story of Seasons might just be your thing.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

PCXbox OnePS4
Andreas JuulOct 25, 2019
So to circle back - does this year's game reignite the same magic as the original Modern Warfare did? In terms of sheer quality and gameplay value, Infinity Ward offers an enormous package with more modes and variations than almost any other game in its genre, with the added element of having a story that rivals some of the best in the business. But does this make for a paradigm shift for first-person shooters? No, but it's nothing short of spectacular nonetheless.


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