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NBA 2K22

PCPS4PS5SwitchXbox OneXbox Series X
Johan VahlströmSep 22, 2021
All in all, this is the best game the NBA game the 2K series has seen in many years. On the pitch, everything flows exactly as it should with many improvements from last year. Microtransactions are still everywhere in the game and to be able to compete online with your created character or in MyTeam, you almost need to spend money.


PCSwitchXbox One
Henric PetterssonSep 21, 2021
It is not enough when you look at the whole. Some of the problems mentioned are certainly subjective and may be of less relevance, should one play the game on any other platform, as our review is based on the Nintendo Switch version and based on that I can only state that Skatebird is a pure and simple disappointment that in advance looks so damn unique and entertaining. In fact, it is more frustrating than it is amusing.

Aragami 2

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Ben LyonsSep 20, 2021
I don't dislike Aragami 2 at all, in fact I still believe that it's a generally fun and well made game. But there's no denying that it has issues. Lince Works has made a considerable step forward in terms of the visuals (and Aragami 2 does look great) but that's about all that seems to be a step forward in comparison to the original, which is why I can't help but feel like Aragami 2 is anything but a little disappointing when looking at it as a whole.


Petter LundbergSep 19, 2021
Eastward is clearly one of the better games of this Autumn, right next to Tales of Arise and Life is Strange: True Colors. If you are looking for a bit different and exotic role-playing experience, you should give John and Sam a chance.


PS4Xbox OnePC
Petter HegevallSep 18, 2021
Chernobylite is not bad. It is good. But it's a bit fragmented, to say the least. It is scary, raw, dark, brutal and frantic at the same time as I experience it as claustrophobic, mercilessly difficult, unnecessarily complicated and monotonous. The melee battles are hopelessly clumsy and the missions lack variety but despite all this I have to recommend this to anyone who likes Fallout 4, Stalker or Metro 2033. If you can accept the pretty obvious weaknesses of Chernobylite you will be able to have a lot of fun.


Juan A. FonsecaSep 17, 2021
You'll be reluctant, as its characters are too loveable. A few might give too vague hints, but all have something special about them. Their design, their lines, the tasks they give you... they're difficult to forget, including the model who parades with a paper hat or the street band that stains your lense. Because, despite its minor shortcomings, Toem really is unique.

Lost Judgment

PS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X
Markus HirsiläSep 16, 2021
Lost Judgment is a very story-driven, and very much a Japanese game. It follows a path carved by the original game pretty closely. If you have ever played either a Yakuza game or the original Judgment, you already have a pretty good idea about what you are going to get.


Kieran HarrisSep 15, 2021
With there being so many quality co-op party experiences on the market, it makes it really tough to recommend KeyWe. Its mini-games can be fun in short bursts with friends, but they quickly feel repetitive and are nearly downright unplayable when solo. I also encountered a fair amount of bugs when playing the game on Nintendo Switch that led to further unnecessary frustration.


Ben LyonsSep 13, 2021
Colt and Julianna are also set to be two of the more memorable Arkane characters, as the witty back-and-forth relationship they have is outright hilarious at times, and makes you desperate to hear more from them. If you measure this all up with the fantastic integration of the DualSense controller and the PS5-specific features that just add to the immersion that much more, you get a game that is hard not to thoroughly love.

Madden NFL 22

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Johan VahlströmSep 12, 2021
This game is not good unfortunately. The new generation has received a few small updates, but nothing that saves the game when it is so buggy and frustrating. The rating this game gets is based on the new console generation's version of the game. If you are considering buying it for the previous generation or PC, you should know that many features are missing and that the rating would have been at least one point lower.

Encased: a sci-fi post-apocalyptic RPG

Ben LyonsSep 10, 2021
All things considered, Dark Crystal has built a capable and entertaining RPG with Encased. This is a game that can provide tens of hours of fun, even more if you start playing around with its character creation and RPG systems. It's not perfect in any sense, but in a competitive genre, Encased also has plenty of unique positives that will make you want to keep playing. If you're looking for a new RPG to play, one where you can really push the boundaries of how you experience games, you won't go too wrong with Encased.

Lost in Random

PCPS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X
Ben LyonsSep 10, 2021
Yet with this being said, Lost in Random is a pretty incredible indie game, as it's one of the most unique concepts I've ever experienced, and it's been handled in such a well-thought out and fluid manner. You never feel out of your depth in the game, and in fact it's so enthralling that you'll want to keep on playing. It's easy to look at the concept of Lost in Random and feel a little uncertain, as it's a game that looks at the industry and established genres we know and refuses to conform, but if you're willing to roll the dice and take a risk with what Zoink has created, you'll be in for a unique journey that doesn't disappoint.

The Artful Escape

PCXbox One
Kieran HarrisSep 09, 2021
This breathtaking musical journey that is centered on self-discovery is one that is beautifully voiced and deeply relatable and you shouldn't hesitate to check it out, especially if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. Many music-inspired games have come and gone over the years, but none have captured the spirit of escapism and self-invention quite like The Artful Escape and for that, it does indeed stand out. It does have a handful of clunky aspects, as I touched on before, but it's worth pushing past them to experience both its story and visuals.

Clid the Snail

Ben LyonsSep 07, 2021
I really, really want to like this game, but it's so challenging to enjoy, due to its grim feeling mechanics. It's so upsetting since Clid the Snail looks amazing, has a genuinely interesting storyline, and showed so much promise during the preview, but this isn't what has been delivered with this PS4 version, and it's actually hard to recommend Clid right now. Hopefully this will be a different story when the PC version launches, ideally in a few months, but until then it's hard to feel anything other than disappointed.


PCPS4Xbox OneSwitch
Petter HegevallSep 06, 2021
The labyrinth structure of the levels fits the tempo and that gothic, heavy, dark aesthetic is so well implemented that it is difficult not to see today's action genre as a step in the wrong direction. Together with Nine Inch Nails' legendary soundtrack, it's easy to praise Quake for what it is - one of the absolute best action games ever created and in this version you can buy the single best and most complete version. It doesn't get much better than this.

The Curious Expedition

Alberto GarridoSep 06, 2021
If we have to make a complaint, it would be the limited localisation. The Spanish-speaker players for example, would really appreciate this, although the text is not particularly complex, it is a read-a-lot game. And not having it in your language can discourage some people.

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

PCPS4SwitchXbox One
Ben LyonsSep 03, 2021
Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions is a pretty concise fighter that doesn't do anything to make your jaw drop. That's not to say you won't have fun with it, because it genuinely is very entertaining. Someone looking for a casual fighter won't go too wrong with Creed Champions, but those versed in the genre, or anyone looking for a deep 'Rockyverse' videogame will have to wait or look somewhere else.

Golf Club: Wasteland

Jakob HansenSep 03, 2021
In summary, Golf Club Wasteland is a bit of mixed bag. The presentation and soundscape create a unique and memorable atmosphere, but the gameplay at times manages to be both simple and frustrating. If you sympathise with the games overall message and are a patient gamer, this might be for you. For others, I would recommend waiting a bit and seeing if the game gets any updates in terms of gameplay-assists or further modes.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

PCPS4SwitchXbox One
Michael BreienSep 01, 2021
Two of the crashes threw me back to a previous save. One was on the last boss and forced me to play it again after restarting the game. All this is very sad, as the original was and is one of the best games on the Wii, and one fans have always wanted a re-release of on more capable hardware. Now we've got that, but this is by no means what we asked for.

WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

PCXbox Series XXbox OnePS5PS4
Petter HegevallAug 31, 2021
Apparently, after the changes, the one and only Sébastien Loeb showed himself really happy with the result when he tried WRC 10 for several stages, and he's a legendary rally driver and not a gamer. For more on the tweaked technical aspects, starting at the 8:40 mark the KT Racing man talks about suspension, aerodynamics, tyres, collisions... WRC 10 is around the corner as it releases on September 2 on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC, with a Nintendo Switch version also coming later down the road.

RiMS Racing

PS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series XPC
Johan VahlströmAug 29, 2021
I'm glad Milestone has a challenger. It is a good game that does not quite reach MotoGP and Ride, but considering that this is only a first attempt, I am optimistic for the future. Especially considering that the game has parts that the others do not have, such as the great focus on mechanics with your bike. A good first step, but it still needs a little more.

The Last Survey

Sergio FigueroaAug 28, 2021
It's a very interesting short story, written with a fine pen —in refined English which demands a high level of understanding in the language, or several uses of a dictionary for those of you non-native English speakers—, to spend some time in front of the screen realising the world is being fucked up. Oh, and how you manage the pressure of telling the truth or saving your own arse. Because someone has to choose it. In The Last Survey it's just you. Or not.

No More Heroes 3

David CaballeroAug 27, 2021
So all in all you'll find fun within story cutscenes, quirky situations and, above all, many of the combat encounters, same as you'll probably enjoy the varied alien designs and the amazing use of art and music. However, the experience to me wasn't as tight as the previous games, and I'd rather fight than walk through Santa Destroy's streets.

Axiom Verge 2

Tommy JohnsenAug 24, 2021
I'll be honest. It took me a while to learn to love Axiom Verge 2. I think you will be quite disappointed if you expect this to be anything like the first game. This is a very different experience in many ways, and that is not necessarily a negative thing. Axiom Verge 2 is a better game than its predecessor with a better conducted and tighter design.

King's Bounty II

PCPS4SwitchXbox One
Tero KerttulaAug 24, 2021
Therefore King's Bounty II is a weird one. It is exactly what I wanted from a sequel and at the same time, not at all. It's clear that the series needed a breath of fresh air, as the end product isn't half bad. There is a lot to improve though, but I believe there is still a market for ruthless, but fun old-school adventures like this.