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Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack

Jack OxfordApr 22, 2021
Overall, the Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack is the perfect way to start with the Atelier series, featuring incredibly colourful worlds and charming casts, alongside easily accessible gameplay. The three games do have their own niches as previously explored, and are all worth playing, but I'd recommend playing them in order, as they are set in the same world several years apart.

Say No! More

Clover HarkerApr 19, 2021
The message of setting boundaries is wrapped up in a quirky, one-of-a-kind game that is short but fun. Does this game have a lot of replay-value? No, but we still highly recommend it: it's a highly enjoyable game, a goofy and unique experience with a fantastic message that will speak to everyone. Should you skip this game? No!

Knight Squad 2

SwitchPCXbox One
Ben LyonsApr 18, 2021
Sure, it can be tough to truly appreciate the game when alone, but its wacky, fast-paced mini-games won't hesitate to put a smile on your face. With the ability to dive in and play cross-platform at launch, if you're looking for something fun to play with pals, there's very few reasons not to pick up and give this one a go.

Quantum League

Ben LyonsApr 15, 2021
With this being said, Quantum League is really a fantastic game. The blend of tight FPS systems with the strategy that comes with its incredible time loop mechanic makes for a competitive shooter experience unlike anything before it. Whether you are a skilled shooter player, or more versed in strategy, Quantum League and its fantastic perplexing time system will offer something for you.

Kaze and the Wild Masks

Kieran HarrisApr 14, 2021
Kaze and the Wild Masks is an exceptional platformer that is sure to satisfy those who are longing for another entry in the Donkey Country series. Its levels are varied and well-paced, and the many different mask abilities help add fun twists to the core gameplay, even if some are borrowed directly from DKC.

Demon Skin

Ben LyonsApr 13, 2021
The problem is that it struggles to keep the player engaged, especially since every time you die, you have to return to the last checkpoint. This means you will be replaying portions of levels a lot as you will die frequently, either by the blade of a sword or by some environmental hazard such as bodies of water or spikes coming out of the ground.

Before Your Eyes

Kieran HarrisApr 12, 2021
Its story feels believable with it being brought to life with many well-voiced characters, and its blinking mechanic is distinctive and helps to add a further layer of immersion. That said, whilst it excels in many ways, it won't be for everyone due to its short length and lack of interactive elements.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Ben LyonsApr 12, 2021
Between the constant dying, sluggish controls, and boring side objectives, it's hard to feel encouraged to go back and replay parts of this game. Those who are fans of Oddworld and share a semblance of nostalgia for its universe will no doubt find enjoyment in what it offers, but newcomers, will find it difficult to dive in and experience one of the most beloved gaming series of all time with this video game.


Petter HegevallApr 09, 2021
This game is good. Really good. Original but at the same time familiar, exquisitely told with lovable characters and an ingeniously written basic premise. The hand-modeled environments are beautiful just like all of the main characters and together with retro-inspired battle arrangements and superb music, it is difficult for me not to fall completely in love with Leo's journey.


Kieran HarrisApr 09, 2021
Pac-Man 99 as a free-to-play game may feel like a pretty empty package, but the one core mode that is present is both frantic and addictive. I like how its take on the battle royale formula has a lot of strategic depth, and its accessible nature and fast-paced rounds made me keep wanting to return.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Kieran HarrisApr 07, 2021
That said, the AI isn't the most intelligent without instruction and some might feel disappointed that the online modes present within its original release are now absent. Hopefully this port can act as a catalyst to help more classic Star Wars titles like Bounty Hunter and the original Battlefront reach modern day platforms.


Google StadiaPCPS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X
Ben LyonsApr 06, 2021
If you have the courage to brave the wilds of Enoch, Outriders delivers a story backed with tight gameplay and shooting mechanics, and despite having the opportunity to increase the challenge through World Tiers, the Altered abilities never cease in making you feel like a god among men.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

James WardApr 05, 2021
Overall, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is still great, and worth playing. While its combat leaves something to be desired nine years later, its world and story make the experience worth it. It's just a shame that not much was changed in this version, but still, with new content coming later this year, it is a great time to revisit one of the best RPGs of the last decade.

Narita Boy

PCPS4SwitchXbox One
Kieran HarrisApr 03, 2021
It's narrative might have given me a headache, but I was still pretty impressed with everything that Narita Boy had to offer. Its retro-future setting is beautifully realised through some sleek pixel art and an addictive 80s synth pop soundtrack, and its combat is fast-paced, varied, and fluid.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

Kieran HarrisMar 31, 2021
It might be dedicated to its source material, but Crash: On the Run! feels too bogged down with microtransactions and repetitive gameplay to be truly worth your while. Without paying up, it felt like I was at a severe disadvantage, and the grind to gather items and craft them into weapons just felt a little too tedious.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myths Of The Eastern

PCPS4PS5Xbox OneSwitchXbox Series X
Ben LyonsMar 30, 2021
It's precisely what Immortals: Fenyx Rising fans have been looking for; a new storyline packed with lore, combat, puzzles, and daft and often outright hilarious dialogue. Hearing the Chinese god of water Gong Gong tell me "no biggie" when he couldn't get his fire staff to light is something I will cherish, but it's only part about what makes this expansion and game so fun to play.


PCPS4PS5SwitchXbox OneXbox Series X
Petter HegevallMar 30, 2021
For the most part, I do not understand where I am, who or why and absolutely not what the goal is. And, together with the setting, the bad mechanics, the gimmick-like stupid costumes and the deplorable graphics, this makes Balan Wonderworld the worst game of the year so far.


Kieran HarrisMar 23, 2021
Monster Hunter Rise might not be the gold standard for the series, but it still stands as a worthy sequel with many exciting new additions. The Palamute and Wire Bug both shake up the formula in fun new ways and the 11 monsters making their debut are all well designed and don't feel like reskins of existing beasts.

STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town

Martin Lindgaard SvaneMar 23, 2021
Overall, as I mentioned earlier, I had an entirely "okay" time with Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, nothing less, nothing more than that. It was an alright pastime, but will unfortunately never be more than that for me.


PCPS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X
Kieran HarrisMar 22, 2021
With its open world structure and striking hand-pencil visual style, Mundaun certainly stands out from the crowded horror genre. I loved how tightly connected each area felt and how its combat had a definite risk for reward nature to it. I did, however, find that its AI could be easily exploited and that its minimalist visual style could cause me to lose my bearings.

Loop Hero

Jack OxfordMar 20, 2021
The promise of new content for Loop Hero is on the horizon already, with the developers hinting at new classes and cards, as well as quality of life changes, and I have no doubt that the game will improve on what is already an incredibly unique and addictive experience.


James WardMar 18, 2021
Overall, Foregone is an enjoyable experience, but one I wished would be better. It's worth a playthrough for its glistening art, despite its often-lacklustre story and its less-than-fluid gameplay.

Harvest Moon: One World

Kieran HarrisMar 16, 2021
One World might have a few interesting ideas up its sleeve, but the execution sadly feels sloppy and far from the previous heights we've seen from the series. I did enjoy how simplistic farming felt and how there was an effort to implement exploration into the core gameplay loop even though it had shortcomings.

Apex Legends

Ben LyonsMar 12, 2021
Apex Legends remains as one of the most exciting battle royales out there and that has been translated to the Switch by Panic Button in a mediocre fashion, provided you keep your device docked at all times. If you decide to take Apex on the go however, be prepared for a grim experience capped at 576p.

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 4

Xbox One
Àlex GargalloMar 10, 2021
For users who have no experience with motorbike games or simply haven't played any of the previous three Supercross games, I don't recommend buying the game immediately. The reason is that you're going to feel like you've wasted £49.99, which is the starting price, after experiencing the constant frustrations and crashes at the beginning of the game.