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Exos Heroes

Jane YoungJun 03, 2020
If you’re a gacha veteran, your attention no doubt went straight to the key line: “one Legendary Hero from every 11 pulls”. It’s an underwhelming pull-rate, but for newcomers to the genre that won’t be an issue. Exos Heroes has plenty more to offer. You can download Exos Heroes for free right now on Google Play (and the App Store).

Royal Crown

Maria AlexanderMay 18, 2020
Royal Crown won’t satisfy Fortnite purists, and nor will it scratch any serious action-RPG itches, but this casual and polished mash-up is a good introduction to both genres, and an enjoyable game in its own right. Check it out on Google Play (and the App Store).

Shadowgun War Games - Online PvP FPS

Ash MayhewFeb 18, 2020
Shadowgun War Games might look the part but fails on every other front. There aren't enough heroes and modes, the controls are sluggish and imprecise, and the monetisation is too greedy. This shooter is simply not ready for launch.


Jane YoungFeb 10, 2020
While it won’t win any innovation awards as far as gameplay is concerned, Cryptract is a well-made SRPG with a fair free-to-play system that allows you to cruise along without having to empty your pockets.

Black Desert Mobile

Ash MayhewDec 13, 2019
Black Desert Mobile has an excellent combat system that’s easily the best we’ve experienced in a mobile MMORPG but the horrific visuals and performance coupled with shallow gameplay and greedy monetisation cripple the rest of the experience.

Dungeons & Zombies

Jane YoungOct 31, 2019
If you like to be challenged, and you’re looking for a bracing alternative to the inconsequential free-to-play casual puzzlers that dominate the mobile charts, Dungeons & Zombies is worth a look.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Sam SimmonsOct 02, 2019
COD Mobile is a free-to-play game that is a lot more enjoyable once you pay for everything. I can safely say this game is better than Mario Kart Tour, but that isn't saying much. I liked the Battle Royale mode, without this game mode, it won't be on my phone for long.

Mario Kart Tour

Sam SimmonsSep 26, 2019
I think there are several reasons I can’t give Mario Kart Tour a good review. The first being the controls make it so unenjoyable to race anyone, and there are no consequences for getting it wrong (invisible walls to stop you falling off). The second being the predatory practices and the pay to win features are locked behind gacha. The final reason being they released the game unfinished as the “Multiplayer” section does not work.

Dr. Mario World

Sam SimmonsJul 11, 2019
If you want to spend money on quite frankly a boring and stale premise, then go ahead. If I was you, I would stay well clear of this disgrace and I regret the amount of time I have played.

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

Sam SimmonsJul 10, 2019
A game like this only takes up a couple of hundred megabytes on your phone but has hours of content at your fingertips. It's a shame there is no offline capability otherwise I would recommend this to others easily.

Heroic - Magic Duel

Sam SimmonsJul 09, 2019
It does not bring anything new to the table in terms of how you get or upgrade units. It does not have a memorable name or a strategy system that involves much skill. It does have five minutes of fun if that is all you are looking for!


Ash MayhewJul 07, 2019
Teppen breathes new life into the tired collectible card battler thanks to a few new mechanics.

Chess Rush

Ash MayhewJul 06, 2019
Chess Rush doesn't reinvent the wheel – it just makes it more mobile friendly. Thanks to Turbo Mode and co-op, Chess Rush could become the biggest Auto Chess on mobile.

ANOTHER EDEN The Cat Beyond Time and Space

Sam SimmonsJun 29, 2019
I have played a lot of RPGs recently and they all end up being a mad grind to get the best characters. Another Eden does have some good characters that are hard to get, but you can love the game without any of them.

Dota Underlords

Sam SimmonsJun 22, 2019
Spending a couple of hours on your phone a day is perfectly normal. But, spending over 30 minutes on one game of Auto-Chess is too much for me.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Sam SimmonsJun 21, 2019
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has the same gameplan and developers as Pokemon GO, yet it is not as fun.

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS

Ash MayhewJun 16, 2019
Full Metal Monsters is a visually pleasing shooter that quickly devolves into pay to win shenanigans. There's no skill here, just an exercise in who can spend the most.

Nonstop Knight 2

Ash MayhewJun 15, 2019
Nonstop Knight 2 is an improvement on the original but you can’t escape the feeling that it’s more like a 1.5 offering than a true sequel.

Talking Tom Hero Dash

Ash MayhewJun 09, 2019
Talking Tom Hero Dash is basically just a Subway Surfers clone, but a very competent one. We can't really recommend it to those who already play its inspiration but for everyone else – and particularly Talking Tom fans – it's well worth checking out.

Dawn of Isles

Ash MayhewJun 08, 2019
Dawn of Isles is a visually stunning mobile MMORPG that promises innovation but merely delivers a small step up from its competitors.

MU ORIGIN 2 - WEBZEN Officially Authorized

Jane YoungJun 04, 2019
If you’re a hardcore RPG aficionado you may be put off by the game’s hands-off approach, but if you don’t like to put too much effort into your mobile RPGs you’ll have a blast.

Warriors of Waterdeep

Ash MayhewJun 02, 2019
Warriors of Waterdeep trades the usual autoplay and gacha for strategy and challenge and we're down for it

Brave Order

Ash MayhewMay 27, 2019
Brave Order isn't a bad game, it's just more of the same in a genre that's desperate for some type of innovation. Bolting on an Auto Chess-inspired battle system isn't the way forward.

Durango: Wild Lands

Ash MayhewMay 19, 2019
Durango: Wild Lands has more than what it needs to survive in the harsh landscape of a mobile MMORPG. With a wealth of crafting, combat, and base-building to dig into, it's got enough content to keep you busy for ages.

SpellForce - Heroes & Magic

Ash MayhewMay 11, 2019
The lack of explanation for many of the game’s systems and no multiplayer to speak of will disappoint – as does the fact there’s very little SpellForce here – but there’s plenty to like too. Particularly for fans of Might & Magic Heroes.