About this game

Developer: GEUN JOO KIM
Content Rating: Teen


Can you imagine having other people live inside your head? The protagonist of this story, Dorothy Watson, is a 14-years-old girl who just started middle school. From the outside she looks like a normal teenager but she has scars and pains that most children don’t have. Dorothy experienced trauma as a child and developed dissociative identity disorder, commonly known as multiple personality disorder, which split her into several personalities. Alice, who's as innocent as a child but sees things that others cannot. Gretel, whose blinding rage makes her wary of everyone. Cindy, always positive and outgoing, who doesn’t really like Dorothy for being an introvert. If you don’t help her, Dorothy might not be able to adjust to her new life. Fortunately there’s still hope. You have the power to talk to the different personalities including Dorothy, when Dorothy is asleep. In her Dream Space, you can become the counsellor for Dorothy and the other kids. Use your power to integrate the split personalities into Dorothy. But do be careful! The personalities are very sensitive to your questions and answers. One wrong answer can drive the wedge between you and them, tearing the kids apart beyond repair. Dorothy’s life is in your hands and your choices will have direct impact on her. Remember only you can save Dorothy!