Untold RPG - Text Adventure for Android

Untold RPG - Text Adventure

Mar 18, 2020
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Developer: Gotterdammerung
Content Rating: Teen


Choose your own UNTOLD story by making decisions that impact your adventure. Some of these choices will pave way for survival, others will condemn you to the realm of the dead. As you venture through the world, you gain experience, gather equipment and build your character. Keep in mind though, that strength is not everything you need to survive the cruel continent that is Tem Khiris. You play as an undefined character, without any knowledge of gender or looks. Without memories of your past, you have but one desire - vengeance. Uncertainty shrouds your UNTOLD story and it is up to you to crawl out of it alive. The world of Tem Khiris is rifled with conflict and war. Warlords, druids and cults antagonize each other for the authoritarian upper hand. Can you make your way out?

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Mitchell GassnerApr 17, 2020
At first glance, Untold RPG looks to be a typical Choose Your Own Adventure story: read a little, pick a fork in the road, and see what happens next. In reality, Untold is a full-on RPG, complete with character progression, inventory management, and NPC interactions. There are some CYOA elements that detract from the story being told, the main culprit being immediate death. These deaths do nothing to advance or enrich the plot and instead work to break your immersion in an otherwise solid story. The character development and combat systems find that sweet spot between being too simplistic to matter and becoming a bloated distraction. Untold is the equivalent to just one or two pen and paper gaming sessions so spending any more time than needed in the character menus would just be a waste.