Thimbleweed Park for Android

Thimbleweed Park

Oct 3, 2017
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Developer: Ron Gilbert
Content Rating: Teen


Thimbleweed Park is a new classic point & click adventure game by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, the creators of Maniac Mansion. Thimbleweed Park was successfully funded on Kickstarter in Dec 2014 and is scheduled to be completed early2017 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Android and iOS will follow soon after.

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Michael Fedorovsky

Michael Fedorovsky

Apr 10, 2020

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Tre LawrenceNov 11, 2017
Thimbleweed Park is an easy one to fall in love with for a host of reasons. It has an old-school look with murder mystery sensibilities, and still incorporates a passable Choose Your Own Adventure element to the party.
Ryan McCaffreyMar 30, 2017
You certainly get your $20’s worth out of Thimbleweed Park. The voice cast doesn’t elevate the script in the way they always did in the LucasArts “talky” days, but an enjoyable, self-referential story and hundreds of puzzles to solve make it worthy of a place on your shelf next to Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island.
gamesTMJan 19, 2018
The implementation of the verb system is emblematic of the difficulty faced when making a game like this. What do you keep from adventure game history and what do you jettison? When do you modernise and when do you not? If you do modernise, how far do you go? There are missteps in the answers Thimbleweed Park gives to these questions, but it just about gets the balance right. At least, it does if you are part of the audience at which this game is pitched.