The Room Three

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Travis FahsFeb 16, 2016
The Room Three may features the same mechanics and distinctive puzzles as its predecessors, but it brings them to a larger, more fully-realized world for the first time, for a lengthy, polished puzzler that is easily among the best made-for-mobile adventures to-date.
Dan VlasicFeb 05, 2016
If you want a new puzzle, The Room Three is the best choice, irrespective of whether you played the previous two games or not. Some say you should play them to understand the third game better, but I don’t see that as a pre-requisite of a quality entertainment in this case. Polished, intelligent, atmospheric, sinister and mysterious, The Room Three is a wonderful cerebral workout and a haunting adventure. It manages to be intensely creepy without any gore whatsoever. A Fabergé egg of mobile gaming, The Room Three is absolutely superb.
納谷英嗣Jan 15, 2016
Risky MaulanaJan 15, 2016
Secara keseluruhan, The Room Three merupakan sebuah hiburan mobile premium yang tak akan mengecewakan, baik itu bagi kamu yang sudah pernah memainkan kedua seri sebelumnya atau belum sama sekali.


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